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Grade 4 Fun

16 November 2017
The Grade 4's had a fantastic time building cities during Design Tech yesterday. Read More >

Noon Day Gun

16 November 2017
Grade 6M had a close encounter with the Noon Day Gun during their tour of the city yesterday. Read More >

Bishops Calendars for sale

14 November 2017
Please support the Prep and Pre-prep fundraising efforts by buying one or more of our newly produced 2018 calendars. A selection of beautiful artworks by Prep and Pre-prep boys. They can be viewed at .. Read More >

How Things Work

14 November 2017
Grade 1 M learnt about electrical power circuits today. We had such fun! Read More >

Grade 1 Clay Workshop

13 November 2017
Grade 1M had a fun and creative time, making crowns in our clay workshop today Read More >

Grade 6's tour the city

13 November 2017
Grade 6A enjoyed their historical tour of Cape Town with their teacher, Mr Murray Anderson. Read More >


10 November 2017
Grade 1M is learning about simple machines. Today we built machines with pulleys. Read More >

Cricket Champions

1 November 2017
Congratulations to our U13A cricketers on winning the Southern Suburbs T20 challenge for 2017. Bishops played Rondebosch in an epic encounter. Rondebosch batted first in the setting sun. Bishops needi.. Read More >

Reaching for the Sky!

1 November 2017
Mr Mendes has been training very hard for the 2017 Salomon SkyRun. As part of Steve’s commitment to EduNova and his mission to complete the event, he is raising funds to support the charity. As a scho.. Read More >