Inter-House Fishing Competition 2017

5 May 2017
Once again the Breede River was the venue for our annual inter-house fishing competition. All participants arrived on Thursday afternoon and settled in for a good night’s sleep in preparation for two days of serious fishing. At dawn on the first morning the majority of boys started pumping prawn with great enthusiasm. As usual all the fishermen were very secretive regarding their bait choices and fishing locations. The first day produced some good results by Charlton and Brooke, and by the time the tired bodies settled around the camp fire, it seemed that these two houses were now the favourites going into the home straight. Tiaan Louw, Rourke Jones, Jacob Skillicorn and Toran Head showed some great skill in landing a few big fish. On the morning of day two, VDB was very successful with Rourke Jones landing a monstrous grunter on a lure. It was interesting that for the third year running more fish were landed from the banks than off the boats during the event. Fish were plentiful, but the real big ones were few and far between. All participants must be commended promoting and practicing catch and release fishing. In the end it was a close finish with only a few centimeters splitting the first and second places. After the prize giving everybody settled around the fire to reflect on what was a very enjoyable event. A big thank you must go to our host Ken Briggs, who made his farm available for the competition. Results Inter-House Fishing Trophy: 1. VDB 2. Brooke 3. Charlton 4. Bramley Trophy for the biggest fish: Rourke Jones Most fish caught: Toran Head(Charlton) 12 fish Biggest grunter: Rourke Jones(Brooke) 72cm Biggest elf: Toran Head(Charlton) 49cm Biggest leervis: Tiaan Louw(Charlton) 38cm Biggest steenbras: Greg Boustead(VDB) 35cm