Sat 24 JunU13C RBPSAwayWon 17-10
Vintage champagne rugby at its best. Our boys mastered their channels and controlled the game for prolonged periods to secure a richly deserving win.
Tue 20 JunU9E SACSHomeDrew 15-15
Tue 13 JunU9B Curro Century CityHomeLost 5-30
U9C Curro Century CityHomeWon 30-5
Sat 10 JunU10A Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-34
U10B Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-26
U10C Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-32
U11A Paarl BoysAwayLost 12-32
U11B Paarl BoysAwayLost 20 - 30
U11C Paarl BoysAwayLost 0 - 22
U12A Paarl BoysAwayWon 15-0
Excellent defence!
U12B Paarl BoysAwaylost 17-15
U12C Paarl BoysAwayWon 38-7
Outstanding performance by the team. Solid defense & attacked with such flare.
U13A Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-22
U13B Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-39
U13C Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-25
Not too much tackling in the cold and wet conditions.
U9A Paarl BoysAwayLost 5-30
U9B Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-45
U9C Paarl BoysAwayLost 0-55
U9D Paarl BoysAwayLost 10-20
Sat 03 JunU10A Busy BeesAwayWon 45-0
U10B Busy BeesAwayWon 15-5
U11A Busy BeesAwayWon 54-0
U11B Busy BeesAwayWon 30 - 20
U11C RBPSAwayLost 0 - 20
U12A Busy BeesAwayDraw 15-15
A great game of rugby!
U12C RBPSAwayLost 10-14
U13A Busy BeesAwayWon 19-17
U13C Busy BeesAwayLost 7-12
A most enjoyable match with everyone playing in all sorts of positions.
U9A Busy BeesAwayWon 40-0
U9B Busy BeesAwayDrew 15-15
U9C Busy BeesAwayWon 40-15
U9E RBPSAwayWon 55-10
Sat 27 MayU10A WynbergHomeWon 31-7
U10B WynbergHomeWon 56-0
U10C WynbergHomeWon 29-10
Well done on a super result!
U11A WynbergHomeWon 7-0
U11B WynbergHomeLost 5 - 17
U11C WynbergHomeLost 0-25
U12A WynbergHomeWon 33-12
U12B WynbergHomeLost 17-24
U12C WynbergHomeWon 30-10
Another great performance by all the boys. The defense was solid. Attach was superb, scoring 6 quality tries. A great team performance.
U13A WynbergHomeLost 17-34
U13B WynbergHomeLost 12-25
U13C WynbergHomeWon 14-5
Again, for the second time in 5 days, after being level at half time, we have dominated the second half to setup a memorable victory. Massive defence and enterprising attack sealed it for us. Really proud of the boys, such passion and commitment. Surely sealed the Rick Bear award this week. What a week for this unbelievable group of boys.
U9A WynbergHomeLost 5-20
U9B WynbergHomeLost 0-20
U9C WynbergHomeLost 0-20
U9D WynbergHomeWon 30-0
U9E Internal MatchHomeDrew 5-5
Tue 23 MayU12C SACSAwayWon 17-25
U13A Richard Challoner (UK)HomeWon 22-0
U13C SACSAwayWon 39-12
After being 10-12 down shortly before half time, we produced an inspired and committed second half to secure a memorable win.
U9E SACSAwayWon 20-15
Mon 22 MayU10C SACSAwayWon 22-14
The boys' tackling improved and it was good to get a first win of the season under our belts.
U11C SACSAwayLost 0-25
Sat 20 MayU10A SACSAwayWon 14-7
U10B SACSAwayWon 25-5
U10C SACSAwayLost 0-46
The backline's shape improved nicely but boys did not ruck or tackle well. We will work on these 2 aspects at the next practice.
U11A SACSAwayLost 0-31
U11B SACSAwayLost 0-51
U11C SACSAwayLost 0-45
U12A SACSAwayLost 10-43
Very poor first half, followed by a 10 -0 second half!
U12B SACSAwayLost 0-22
A great defensive effort in the first half, sadly fading in the second.
U12C SACSAwayLost 5-22
U13A SACSAwayLost 0-14
U13B SACSAwayLost 0-36
U13C SACSAwayLost 0-35
Kept the ball for long periods but got killed by long range tries from turnovers. Proud of the boys for playing good running rugby.
U9A SACSAwayWon 15-10
U9B SACSAwayLost 5-20
U9C SACSAwayLost 0-20
U9D SACSAwayLost 0-10
U9E SACSAwayLost 5-30
Sat 13 MayU10A WPPSHomeWon 40-7
U10B Sweet ValleyHomeLost 0-45
U10B Sweet ValleyHomeWon 36-0
Played WPPS u10B side.
U10C WPPSHomeLost 10-17
Well done on a super effort!
U11A WPPSHomeWon 26-7
U11B Sweet ValleyHomeLost 0 - 10
U11C WPPSHomeLost 24-32
U12A WPPSHomeWon 27-22
U12B WPPSHomeWon 24-12
U12B Sweet ValleyHomeLost 10-22
U12C Sweet ValleyHomeLost 15-27
A slow first half by the team. Showed great fighting spirit in the 2nd half to claw their way back. Just couldn't convert our chances into points.
U13A WPPSHomeLost 12-50
U13B Sweet ValleyHomeLost 0-12
U13C WPPSHomeLost 0-58
U9A WPPSHomeWon 15-0
U9B Sweet ValleyHomeLost 0-45
U9C WPPSHomeLost 0-20
U9D WPPSHomeWon 15-0
U9E Sweet ValleyHomeLost 10-15
U9F WPPSHomeLost 10-20
Sat 06 MayU10 7s RugbyAwayPlayed 9 won 8