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Bishops: Diocesan College - Prep Post
THURSDAY 15 June 2017
Dear Parents

I am sure we have all been thinking of those affected by the fires in the Southern Cape and the effects on many of the Knysna/Plettenberg bay residents but also the schools, many of which we know well. Keep the schools in mind as they face the task of re-building and the trauma many of their pupils and families have endured. Many retail outlets are collecting goods for those who have lost so much in those areas.

A few weeks ago we included a photograph of our Scholarship winners. Here are the details – out of 9 recipients of College Scholarships awarded, 5 went to Bishops Prep boys:

Theron Scholarship Robert Kotze and Aleksandr Selby (top academic results across all 3 exams)
English Scholarship Michael Beaumont
Maths Scholarship Dieter Karlein
General Scholarship Suhayl Kalfey

Applicants from all over the country sat these examinations so it is a substantial achievement. Well done to our boys.

At Monday’s Chapel Assembly I took the opportunity to explain the history of Youth Day. Demonstrations by school pupils in Soweto against the imposition of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in Black schools and the brutal response of police with the many resultant student fatalities was a watershed moment in the fight against apartheid. The government of the day had to re-double its efforts to contain and control the people of South Africa, a battle which they began to find more and more difficult from 1985 onwards. To our boys it is difficult to imagine an apartheid South African, even though we are still surrounded by its vestiges.

For me it was important to emphasise that never again should children have to lose their lives or their youth to fight injustice and evil in our society. But unfortunately our education system is still failing many sections of society and, while we enjoy a very privileged, independent education, the inequality affects us all and our boys will have to lead the way as adults in fully transforming South Africa.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Kind regards

Friday 16 June 2017 Public Holiday - Youth Day

Sunday 18 June 2017 Fathers Day

Wednesday 21 June 2017 Grade 7s return from KZN Tour

Friday 23 June 2017 Burger Day

The PA will be selling burgers for R30 from Jagger Hall - please support as funds go towards their Outreach programmes.

Time: 10h35 (break time)

No pre orders

Violin Virtuoso

Congratulations to Morné Ogada who has been selected for the Concerto Festival which takes place later in the year, where he will play his Violin Concerto accompanied by the orchestra. This is such a fine achievement. Well done, Morné!



Global ODU Mentoring Programme

The Global ODU Mentoring Programme keeps on growing. Older ODs have volunteered their services to younger ODs who are looking for advice and guidance in their chosen fields, or where that choice is proving more elusive. Mentors are also helping mentees facing career choices, personal difficulties, relocation or any problem which they feel a Mentor would be able to advise and counsel them on (it's not a job-seeking forum). Read more about it on the ODU website.
Extra Term Bursary Programme 2018

The Extra Term Bursary Programme has been extremely successful since it’s pilot in 2016 and to date we have been able to offer 9 boys a Bishops education; deserving boys who would ordinarily not be able to afford this excellent education.

This programme offers Parents, Past Parent, ODs and Corporates the opportunity to support a boy through his time at College. An optional mentorship programme allows the donor to meet and form a relationship with the boy (subject to certain guidelines) and both the school and beneficiary will keep you updated on his progress.

Please see here for additional information or should you wish to pledge your support to a 2018 candidate.



We donated goods received on Civvies day to the Stephen Road Primary Achool amongst others. This is the letter of gratitude we received. Many thanks to all who donated so generously. As you can see, it is very much appreciated.

Mustard Seed Outing
The Mustard Seed outing was a great success. The hike in Cecelia Forest was thorougholy enjoyed by boys, siblings and parents alike. Thanks to Mr Woolls for organising it.
Sandwich Outreach
Well done to the Grade 4 and 5 boys and moms who had a great turn out for the last two Tuesdays, exceeding the target number of sandwiches for donation to Athwood Primary.
"Souped Up"
Thanks to the generous efforts of parents who cooked up litres and litres of soup and donated many loaves of bread, the PA were able to feed over 500 rugby and soccer playing kids at the event at Langa Stadium on Saturday 3 June.

KZN Tour


The Grade 7 boys left for their week long KZN Tour on Tuesday. Please visit the website Photo Gallery, News Page and Facebook for photographs and updates.

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