Dear Bishops parents

The following site is for the boys to register on. They must choose the lowest level. They will receive daily emails with a four question grammar / spelling test for them to complete as part of regular exposure and consolidation of grammar and spelling. Can be done on mobile, iPad or desktop.

The second one is the College twitter feed info and a summary of the articles they retweet for reading and vocab building. Boys are encouraged to read the (Maklik/Easy), (Gemiddeld / Average) or (Moeilik / Difficult) appropriate article as to their level of comprehension.

Please see note from College below:

It was evident again last term that our boys do not read often enough in Afrikaans. Language and Literature can be studied (Qs and As), but Comprehension, Essay Writing and the understanding of questions in any paper rest on a good vocabulary.

To improve vocabulary, one needs to read and hear the language daily. To this end, we have set up a Twitter handle (@afrpret). This is a wonderful, easily accessible reading platform for our Bishops boys, with interesting, diverse and relevant Afrikaans articles retweeted according to reading ability! Articles are either retweeted as Maklik (Easy), Gemiddeld (Intermediate) or Moeilik (Difficult). If your son is in Set 1, we encourage him to read any of the articles. If he is in Set 6, we encourage him to read Maklik articles and in a mixed set, Maklik and Gemiddeld articles. Improving vocabulary rests solely on the individual and we hope we can, in this way, make it easier for the boys to improve in Afrikaans and find it more enjoyable and less frustrating.

We have created a video to assist you in following the Twitter handle. Two wonderful new additions are the online papers that contain all the week's retweeted articles. These articles can be sent to you as an email (one email once a week) if you subscribe to either of the online papers. The detail is in the video:

Link to Nuus van die Week (see video for information):

Link to Nuus van die Week (Maklik):


Bishops Afrikaans Department