Artistic Bubbles


6A bubble gum blowing competition! 

All the Gr 6's got Chappies bubble gum in their art lesson (artists love to break the rules!) and drew a pencil portrait of

their friend attempting to blow a bubble.  Great fun was had by all!

Aldera blowing bubbles.jpg (63954 bytes) Miss J blowing bubbles.jpg (47989 bytes) vanmali.jpg (62479 bytes) Vanmali bubble.jpg (64198 bytes) VdMerwe bubble.jpg (27158 bytes)
Blum blowing bubbles.jpg (65471 bytes) Duggen blowing bubble.jpg (42816 bytes) Gilbey bubble.jpg (59913 bytes) Gilbey oops!.jpg (78823 bytes) Haffenden bubble.jpg (75055 bytes)
Manca drawing.jpg (62077 bytes)