Computers - Information & Communication Technology

Our modern Computer Centre is equipped with 27 networked Intel i5 multimedia computers running Windows 7 plus 10 Pentium 4 pc's also with Windows 7.  The network extends to 2 computers in the library, as well as 5 in the staff room and 7 administration computers in Stanmore House.   The Grades 3 - 7 classrooms have been fitted with interactive whiteboards each running off a networked workstation.  In the Design Technology lab we have 9 networked computers for running a Robotics programme and various design software packages.  Each computer has a permanent Internet connection through the network for email and web browsing.  Pupils have access to laser printers, a scanner and various digital cameras.

Our intention is for each pupil in Grades 4 to 7 to learn to use the Internet for email and browsing the World Wide Web.  This technology has far-reaching and valuable educational potential and we are determined to harness it creatively and effectively. We do of course recognise that the young should not be let loose on the Net without close supervision and guidance and have made provision for this.

The primary aim is to establish and develop strong IT skills.  To achieve this aim all pupils have access to the computer centre for research and projects at lunch break and after school. The Grade 2s are introduced to computers and use the computer centre at the College during the winter terms. The main emphasis is upon skills development as required by the curriculum.  The computer is used as a learning tool and as a medium for creative expression. Software in daily use is as follows: Microsoft Office Suite, Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Inspiration for mind mapping and flow charts plus other educational software. Hypermedia authoring, data collection and analysis applications, plus some excellent Mathematics and English programmes are also used daily. 

The open sessions during the lunch breaks and after school are very well supported by boys needing extra time to do research and to complete projects. The school's intranet is very dynamic and contains a webpage for each subject, with information of current projects and research sites on it, to make things easier when tackling projects, plus all the latest news with pictures and videos taken at all school events.