Design and Technology

Design and Technology is by necessity, a dynamic and changing subject. Each year the curriculum grows to include new equipment and topics. Wherever possible, cross-curricular links are formed to entrench and enrich the learner’s classroom experience. The centre has the facility to offer every boy, from grade 3 to grade7, tuition in the following areas:

  1. Food technology;
  2. Microelectronics and electricity used in the home;
  3. Robotics- computer programming and problem solving;
  4. Lego Dacta- pneumatics, mechanics and micro-electronics;
  5. Mechanical and structural challenge based projects;
  6. Textile technology- closely linked to art projects;
  7. Computer assisted design;
  8. Graphics and technical drawing;
  9. Plastics- moulding and forming;
  10. Photography, video editing and sound mixing.

A typical project starts with discussion of a problem or challenge. Here the boys may be taught a specific skill or concept. The learners then design a few possible solutions, estimate materials required, price and plan the weekly progress. They then move to the extensive workshop facility to make their artefact. Testing and modifying is the next phase, thereafter they work on its aesthetic qualities prior to its evaluation either by his peer group or teacher. The emphasis in the higher grades is on self-sufficiency, innovation and self-evaluation. These elements, coupled to the exposure to new skills and entrepreneurship, offers a wonderful opportunity for gaining life skills and career guidance.