Social Science

Head of Department : Mr Bruce Mitchell

This policy reflects the School’s values and philosophy in relation to the teaching and learning of this subject. Bishops is an Anglican school, permeated by an ethos which views the acquisition of knowledge as laudable, especially when put to the service of others. Social Science sits very comfortably within this paradigm. It unfolds to pupils the wonders of nature and the multifaceted interplay between humans and their environment, producing the rich tapestry of life on the planet today and also calls pupils to be responsible in their stewardship of the planet.

Main Aims: 
It is our aim to enable each child to reach its full potential in each area of this subject. We aim to promote and nurture a child’s intellectual curiosity.  To do this we must not only develop skills and attitudes but also teach ‘material’ and subject knowledge.  Social Science is a Foundation Subject within the National Curriculum.  Whatever each member of staff’s teaching style is, we all aim to encourage pupils to:
1.      Identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking.
2.      Work effectively with others as members of a team, organization, and community.
3.      Organize and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively.
4.      Collect, analyse, organize, and critically evaluate information.
5.      Communicate effectively using visual, symbolic, and/or language skills in various models.
6.      Use science and technology effectively and critically showing responsibility towards the environment and the health of others.
7.      Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognizing that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation.
In addition to the aims above, all learners should also aim to achieve the following:

  • Reflect on and explore a variety of strategies to learn more effectively.
  • Participate as a responsible citizen in the life of local, national, and global communities.
  • Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts.
  • Explore educational and career opportunities.
  • Develop entrepreneurial opportunities.