Chess Tips

Keep these 10 tips in mind and you’ll be on your way towards winning your games of chess.

Tip #1

Pieces need room to move, and the center gives you the most flexibility of movement.

Tip #2

Develop Knights before Bishops –

Knights can’t protect your other pieces from the back rank.

Tip #3

Develop Bishops before Rooks –

Bishops need open diagonals to maximize their influence, and those diagonals can become cluttered in the opening.

Tip #4

Develop Rooks before the Queen –

Rooks are limited at the edges of the board, and the Queen is vulnerable at the center of a cluttered board.

Tip #5

Castle Early –

Castling helps bring one of your rooks towards the center of the board and helps protect your King

Tip #6

Protect your pieces –

If your opponent wants to capture a piece, make sure you can win the exchange.

Tip #7

Attack the same square with multiple pieces –

The more pieces you have that can attack a single square, the more defenders your opponent will have to commit to win the exchange. This creates openings for you on other parts of the board.

Tip #8

Create forks wherever possible –

Force your opponent to choose which piece to lose.

Tip #9

Create pins and skewers wherever possible –

Limit your opponents movement.

Tip #10

Develop your strategy with every move –

Always look for the move that helps your overall strategy, not just your immediate needs.