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Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle!

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At the beginning of Term 3, new bins with different coloured lids were placed around the campus and the recycling initiative was introduced at Prep. Boys are encouraged to place all plastic, tins and glass into these special bins, plus all waste paper into WOW (War on Waste) bins and these are collected and taken to Oasis on a weekly basis. The boys were given a demonstration by a group of seniors on what to recycle plus were shown a short video on plastic bags and how these block up waterways, affect sea and animal life and litter beauty spots all around the world. The message aimed at the boys is that it's vital to start taking responsibilty for their environment and that they can make a difference by starting to recycle on campus and in their homes and to become aware of the damage being done to the environment. It is vital to start now!

Waterways choked with plastic bags

Recycle Bin

  Recycling Bin showing items that should be recycled.

Image courtesy of :www.fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au/


Tips on ethical living in South Africa :

Organic produce:
Organic market on-line: www.ethical.org.za
Wensleydale Farm : www.wensleydale.co.za
Protecting our fish resources:
SASSI logo
Check on fish stocks before buying or eating out by consulting the SA Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) website
SMS the name of the fish on the menu to 079 499 8795 and you'll receive a colour code:
Green listed - safe to order at a restuarant or to purchase.
Orange listed - should not be promoted or sold.
Red listed - species at risk - should definitely not be purchased or be on the menu at restaurants.


 Oasis Recycling processes the following recyclable materials:
1. paper, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, paper packaging – common mix
2. high grade business paper
3. glass bottles and jars, including re-use and recycling
4. plastic containers, bottles and packaging
5. beverage cans and food tins
6. scrap metal
7. computer print cartridges
8. Redundant computers and other electronic equipment
  Oasis Recycling - Claremont Workshop
Tel: 021-6712698
Fax: 021- 6835011
E-mail: oasisass@mweb.co.za (Sponsored by M-Web)
Address: Corner of Lee and Lansdowne Road, Claremont
Hours: 8h30-15h30

Clear out your garage and de-clutter your home or business - all items are donated or recycled. Call Just Junk for this useful service.

Click here for recycling products such as wormeries, can crushers, compost bins etc.


Pumped up: Make sure your vehicle tyres are pumped to the correct pressure, which will make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Plugged In: Check the efficiency of household appliances by looking for labels or asking staff. Check this website to view European guidelines. www.sust-it.net

Compost heaps or worm farms - If you do not have space for a compost heap, follow Mount Nelson's excellent example and start a worm farm. Order on-line at: www.wizzardworms.co.za

Packaging: check out th SA Recycling website for disposal of packaging items, cooldrink bottles and other plastic items. www.recycling.co.za or www.resolutionrecycling.co.za or drop them off at Oasis Recycling.

Electronic Waste: Electronic equipment should never be thrown on to landfills. For information on what to do with electronic waste go to the Electronic Waste Association of SA website or drop items off Oasis Recycling.

Green Power: Where possible use solar power. Dry washing in the sun instead of tumble driers and buy clothes that don't require ironing.

Pass it on: If you no longer have a use for an item, pass it on. Many charities have second-hand shops which sell practically anything in good condition, plus can use old clothing, bedding etc. for charity. The International Red Cross in Broad Road, Wynberg has a drive through, drop off centre open during weekdays.

Plastics : Many packaging items are recyclable, but where possible re-use bags or opt for biodegradable options such as Good for the Ground plastic bags which can be put onto compost heaps. The bags can be used for sandwiches or freezing plus sheets can be purchased for covering books. Click on the link above to visit their website.

Go Organic: Organic foods are grown without environmentally destructive methods. There are retailers now offering organic food lines, or contact Wensleydale Farm or the On-line Organic market to arrange deliveries.

Fish Resources: Become aware of which species are under threat and are being over exploited. A logo to look for when buying fish is the Marine stewardship Council (MSC) which would indicate a sustainable species or visit the SA Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) website .

Save energy: Look for energy saving tips on the Eskom website.