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THE RACE FOR THE LOST KEYSTONE by VAL RUTT, published by the Penguin Group, London 2004.  

At first this story seemed a bit far- fetched but as I read on, I became enthralled. This is a wonderfully exciting story of a rather unusual family’s race to find a magic keystone. It embodied adventure, danger, hair-raising travel, cruelty and will appeal to all children’s imaginations. Move over J.K.Rowling?    Grade 6


keystone.jpg (39690 bytes) ISBN 0-141-31747-7

LIRAEL, sequel to SABRIEL by Garth Nix. Published by Harper Collins USA 2001 and 1995 respectively.

A very well written fantasy that reads like reality. The pace is fast, exciting and interesting.  A warning, though, to those who are averse to witchcraft and sorcery and magic. These books exude free magic and sorcery.  Grade 7
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NO TIME LIKE SHOW TIME by Michael Hoeye published by Penguin England 2004. 

This is a Hermux Tantamog adventure story.  Hermux is a mouse who fixes clocks.  He becomes embroiled in an exciting investigative adventure when the impresario of the local theatre requests his help urgently.  I am not always very fond of talking animal stories but this one makes one feels they are taking off real people. There is perception, history, and a good understanding of human nature. A fun read for Grades 5 – 7

  ISBN 0-141-31567-9