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Reviews done by a school librarian of books that were enjoyed in Library periods over the years at a boys preparatory school.



FERREN AND THE ANGEL by Richard HARLAND : This fantasy novel is set in the year 3000 after the evil Humen have taken control of the earth.  Ferren, a member of the Residuals, a primitive race of people who dwell in fear in the ruins of civilisation, meets a warrior angel who has been stranded on earth.  Together they uncover the terrible truth behind the Humen and restore the earth to the original inhabitants. This book is fast moving, action-packed and sometimes terrifying but it is also funny and tender. This is a book for the mature reader who enjoys fantasy.


A WIZARD OF EARTH SEA by URSULA LE GUIN  : This is the first of 4 books.  With the exception of Tolkien, this must be the greatest fantasy story, full of magic, dragons, dangerous voyages and a very human hero








Ferren & the Angel
Wizard of Earthsea