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THE INVISIBLE DOG by DICK KING SMITH published by Young Puffin. 
This is definitely a story for Mrs Kieswetter to read to you.  Jamie finds the collar and lead of the long dead family Great Dane in the garage.  Jamie can’t remember this beloved pet but she longs for a dog so she invents an invisible dog.  Only old Mrs Garrow, the neighbour seems pleased to recognize Henry.  This is a warm, wonderful story of a child longing for a dog of her own.




ISBN 0-14–034994

MARK SPARK IN THE DARK by JACQUELINE WILSON. Published by Puffin Books.  Two lively stories featuring Mark Spark.  In the first he finds both the help of his very special old and blind Great Grandmother a way to raise funds for a Blind Guide Dog Day and his own talents too.  The second is about his fear of the dark and how his Great Grandmother helps him conquer this fear.  ISBN 0–14–036790–X
THE SNOW MAZE by JAN MARK  published by Walker Books.  One day on his way to school, Joe finds a key in the long grass.  His friend, Irrum thinks it might be magic.  Then Joe discovers  that the key fits the lonely gate . A new world opens for him  - BUT he has to the hurtful and humiliating mockery of his school friends who don’t believe him.  There is a happy ending!   ISBN 0 – 7445 – 3092 –X
THE GREAT SLOTH RACE by DICK KING SMITH published by Young Puffin.  Another delightful story by this amazing author.  You know that sloths are slow, sleepy animals from South America.  Well in this story Grumpy Dozy challenges Gently Snoozy to a race.  How does a sloth win a race? Read on.   ISBN 0–14–130994–6
TROUBLE WITH ANIMALS by JEREMY STRONG.  Published by Puffin.  Three delightful stories about children and animals and the chaos they cause. 

1.  TROUBLE WITH ANIMALS involves Tom’s search for a suitable pet.

2.  DOGS ARE DIFFERENT  Martin receives an Alsatian puppy for Christmas.  But Geronimo is just too much of a handful and causes no end of trouble and damage.  Finally Martin is forced to make a very difficult and brave decision.

3.  FOXES ON THE ROOF  Robert is sure there are ghosts on the school roof.  Then he discovers the howling is caused by a mother fox and her cubs.   He is determined to keep them safe and finds himself continually in hot water.  

    ISBN 0 – 14 – 131005 – 7
LADY DAISY by DICK KING SMITH  Published by Puffin. 
On a visit to his grandmother, who lives in a very old house that will one day belong to him,  Ned,  whilst cleaning out the box room in the attic, discovers a Victorian Doll in a shoebox.   He persuades his Gran to let him take the doll home as he has discovered a secret – she is a talking doll.  His father and friends are naturally rather scathing about his wanting a doll .  Reminiscent of “Indian in the Cupboard” this is a pleasant tale told with Dick King Smiths wit and originality.   
    ISBN 0 – 14 – 034416 –0
Following in the same mode, obviously influenced by the film, Monsters Inc. are: THE CREEPIES and THE ANKLE GRABBER by ROSE IMPEY which are great reads. Published by Collins, 1989.   The young child is scared of going to bed at night.

THE FLAT MAN :  Published by Collins , 1988 .    When the child awakes in the night his imagination runs riot.

JUMBLE JOAN : Published by Collins , 1989 .  The Attic is a scary place.

ISBN 0 00 674854 6

ISBN 0 00 674853 8

ISBN 0 00 674851 1v

THE ICE PALACE by ROBERT SWINDELLS : Published by Hamish Hamilton, 1977.   This is a wonderful, magical, winter adventure set in Scandinavia.  It is full of atmosphere and often quite frightening (in the same way as the NARNIA SERIES).  It is a book that will not appeal to the children because of the dowdy cover but nevertheless one of the best reads in the library.  ISBN 0 241 89614 2
THE KEY TO THE TREASURE by  PEGGY PARISH : Published by The Macmillan Company, 1966.  Another older book, probably out of print, but a wonderful read.  Lisa, Jed and Bill visit their grandparents’ farm.  On the first evening there is an electrical storm which makes it a good time for story telling.  Grandpa tells the ever popular tale of the treasure hidden by an ancestor somewhere on the farm.  Many generations have searched but in vain. This holiday the children accidentally stumble on the first clue – a book not to be put down! 

Library of Congress Catal. No.  66-17901 .

HARRY'S MAD by DICK KING SMITH : Published by Puffin Books, 1986.  My very favourite story of Harry who inherits an African Grey parrot and the marvellous adventure that follows.
ISBN 0 14 031897 6
THE GLORY GARDENS SERIES. There are 8 books in the series. This series is perfect for young cricket fans and those new to the game.  Diagrams and scoresheets are included in each action-packed story and there is also a glossary of cricket terms.  The characters and the story line are amazingly real . 
WORLD CUP FEVER by BOB CATTELL, Published by Random House Children’s Books, 1985 is one of the books in the series. 

ISBN 0 09 946141 2

I, HOUDINI by LYNNE REID BANKS : Published by J M Dent and Sons Ltd. 1978 .  This is a delightful story about a very unusual hamster – he is an exceptionally clever “ escapologist” with a talent for getting out of cages. He is amusing, intelligent, cocky and mostly in total control!! A must read. Grade 4/5/6
 ISBN 0 00 673363 8 
THE JENIUS by DICK KING SMITH :  Published by Victor Gollancz Ltd. London, 1988.  Keeping to the theme of hamsters, this is another excellent read.  Judy is determined to train her very “intelligent “ hamster and both learn some good lessons on the way!
ISBN 0 575 04083 1

FINN'S ANIMAL by CATHERINE STORR.  W Heinemann Ltd. Great Britain, 1992. 

Another story about children afraid to go to sleep in the dark.  Finn always imagines that shadows are enormous animals coming to get him.  Then one night he forces himself to stand still.  A shadow figure, who becomes 'Finn’s animal', speaks to him with exciting and interesting results.

  ISBN 07497 1644 4

THE ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE WOODEN HORSE by Ursula Moray Williams : Harrap 1938. One of the enduring classics.  The little wooden horse is Uncle Peder’s finest creation but no one wants to buy him.  He stays with the toy maker who grows poor and ill.  So the little wooden horse sets out to sell himself.  He has many adventures before he returns to his beloved master.

wooden_horse.jpg (46100 bytes) ISBN 0-14-036609-1

MR MAJEIKA AND THE MUSIC TEACHER by Carpenter.  Penguin Group England 1986. 

A new music teacher is scheduled to start at St Barty’s School but no one knows who she is.  BUT  MR Majeika, Class Three’s unusual teacher knows that Miss Worlock is a witch – and an old rival.  Lots of fun ensues as these two try to outwit each other doing magic tricks!!! 

mr_majeika.jpg (62691 bytes) ISBN 0-14-032141-1

Other books in the series are: