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TOKOLOSHE STONE by JAY HEALE  : Published by Tafelberg Cape Town, 1986.  Jay is an expert on children’s books. This story  was inspired by a creative writing class at Somerset House School.  It is a delightful story about a family who go on a picnic.  Bored and out of sorts, the young lad picks up a strange stone which he discovers can make the bearer invisible.  What follows is an exciting adventure and a few learning curves.

ISBN 0 624 02339 7

Other books include: Scowler's Luck, The Devil of Bain's Kloof and Ice Trap

MORE MUCK AND MAGIC edited by MICHAEL MORPURGO. Published by Egmont Books.   In celebrating the 25th anniversary of FARMS FOR CHILDREN of whom HRH The Princess Royal is patron, Morpurgo has edited this delightful collection of short stories by well known children’s authors.  There are also poems by Ted Hughes and is illustrated by Quentin Blake. 
muck.jpg (46596 bytes) ISBN 0–7497–4094–9
THE TURBULENT TERM OF TYKE TYLER by GENE KEMP :  Published by Collins Educat, 1984.  A marvellous story about a young school boy's adventures in a rather run-down English school.  Although always in some sort of trouble, Tyke tries to do the right thing often with dire results.  There is a nice twist in the tail. ISBN 00 33 0021 8

Other books include: Charlie Lewis Plays for Time, The Clock Tower and Dog Days and Cat Naps amongst others.

NET BANDITS by MICHAEL COLEMAN : Published by Macmillan U.K.  This is a topical and computer-based detective story.  Josh and Tamsyn are given a project to evaluate the pros and cons of a new Computer Centre in their school.  Josh introduces Tamsyn, who is much more interested in reading, to the wonders of e-mail.  She then finds a strange message on her screen.  This leads the two to unravel a good mystery.

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MISERY GUTS by MAURICE GLEITZMAN : Published by Blackie & Son Ltd. 1991.  Another excellent book by this versatile author.  Keith, living in South London, becomes increasingly aware of his parents' unhappiness.  He constantly tries to cheer them up, mostly with the opposite results. Then he discovers a poster of a North Queensland  beach.  He then determines to persuade his parents to emigrate.  It is a very funny, tender story and has a lovely ending.
ISBN 0 330 32440 3 

Other books include: Worry Warts (sequel to Misery Guts), Second Childhood and The Other Facts of Life

THE RUNAWAYS by VICTOR CANNING : Published by Heineman Educ. London, 1972.  The old-fashioned cover should not deter the reader.  A 15 year old boy escapes from the custody of an “approved school“.   At the same time a cheetah escapes from captivity.  Their paths cross and an exciting adventure ensues.  This is a great read for boys who like survival, animals and independence.

ISBN 0 435 12180 4
THE BEST THREE EVER by C HAMPTON :  Published by Janus Publishing Co. London, 1993.  A thoroughly pleasant book to read.  James is evacuated from London at the beginning of World War 11.  He is lucky to be billeted with a dear couple who do their best to make him happy.  He is also lucky to befriend Phil, who introduces him to the country life. The boys are also good soccer players and the school is soon enjoying a successful season. The boys are also very friendly with Bobby, a gypsy.  Together they enjoy many adventures  including the rescue of a downed RAF airman.

ISBN 1 85756 059 0


THE HOUSE OF SIXTY FATHERS by MEINERT DE JONG : Published by Lutterworth Press London, 1958.  Tin Pao and his family are lucky to escape the Japanese invasion of China.  The family sampan breaks loose from the river bank while the parents are looking for work.  Tin Pao, left on board, is swept back down river into Japanese-occupied territory.  When he at last reaches land, he sets out on a long , difficult and dangerous journey to find his family.  As he is  accompanied by the family pig, Glory of the Republic,  he has to face even more odds in a countryside ravaged by war and hunger.  This is a story of survival, great courage and an interesting account of the invasion of China.
ISBN 0 7188
THE DEMON HEADMASTER by GILLIAN CROSS : Published by Oxford Univ. Press, 1982.  Dinah comes to stay with the Harvey family who are her new foster family.  On the first day at school, she notices how quiet and orderly the pupils are.  Then she has to visit the headmaster.  She soon realizes something is terribly wrong and is determined to find out more about the terrifying figure of the headmaster.

ISBN 0 19 271742 1

Other books include: The Prime Minister's Brain, The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster and the Demon Headmaster Strikes Again.`

WOLF PIE by ANDREW MATTHEWS  : Methuen Children’s Books LTD 1988.

The subjects of two very fat and greedy monarchs are miserable because of the huge taxes they are forced to pay.  All this king and queen care about is eating new and unusual food.  So being a royal chef is a dangerous job, because if they can’t please their masters they face terrible punishments.   Consequently there are not many chefs left – most have run into the forest to hide. Read about the search for the chefs and the exploits of the woodchopper and the 3 wolves.  A marvellously funny read.

wolfpie.jpg (48099 bytes)  ISBN 0-416-02562-5
CLIFF HANGER by JACQUELINE WILSON: Corgi Yearling Books, Great Britain 1995. 

Tim is very reluctantly sent off to an adventure holiday camp.  He is scared and horrified at the thought of a week climbing, abseiling  and canoeing when he is hopeless at sport.  He  makes some good friends and begins to have fun as he discovers he is able to do the things he was once afraid of.  I am sure a lot of children will relate to Tim.  This is an excellent story- adapted from the scripts for a school TV programme.

  ISBN 0 440 86338 4

LORD OF THE NUTCRACKER MEN by Iain Lawrence, published by Randon House Children’s Books USA 2001.  

This is an outstanding book.  Not only does it teach us about World War 1 but also about the prejudices of the time, the sufferings of the soldiers and their families.  It also tells us about the amazing Christmas truce by the opposing soldiers on the front line.

Johnny’s father is a toy maker.  In 1914 he leaves to fight in the trenches. Johnny keeps in touch with the fighting playing with his army of toy soldiers his father had made him.  With every letter from his father, he receives a new soldier.  Soon the soldiers begin to reflect the horrors of the war.  Johnny begins to worry about his games and the safety of his father.  I loved this book.  Grade 5/6

nutcrucker.jpg (44021 bytes) ISBN 0 00 713357 2