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WALK TWO MOONS by SHARON CREECH.  Macmillan’s Children’s Books. This has been top of the Best selling book list for some time.  A message, “don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins”, is left on the doorstep of Phoebe’s house.  Phoebe has seen a strange young man hanging around her neighbourhood and is convinced he is dangerous.  Sally, her friend, tries to help Phoebe with her fears, but she is also trying to cope with the sudden loss of her mother and the relocation from her beloved farm to a town.  This novel will probably appeal more to girls but there is a strong message for all.  It is about growing up, love, separation, grief, and about being honest and non-judgemental. 

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ISBN 0 – 39783 – 4
TASTING THE THUNDER by GARY PAULSEN.  Macmillan’s Children’s Books.   Paulsen grew up tough and in this book he pulls no punches.  The hero runs away from  his comfortable home.  He finds work on a farm.  Here he is beaten up by the farmer when he confronts him about his wages.  The labourers are Mexican and living in dreadful conditions.  Beaten badly he escapes and is picked up by fairground folk who look after him.  He learns the harsh realities of life.      ISBN  0 – 330 –32705 –4
HOLES by Louis SACHAR :  Stanley Yelnats finds himself in a boy’s juvenile detention centre simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time – a scenario that has dogged his family’s fortunes since a forefather failed to keep a promise.  At the camp he has to dig a hole a day.  He slowly comes to terms with the harsh conditions and also learns the reason behind the digging of holes. This book is funny, descriptive and has a very clever plot.  It has many lessons to teach and will spark much discussion.
ISBN 0 7475 4459 X

Other books by this author include:

TWO WEEKS WITH THE QUEEN by Morris GLEITZMAN : Colin Mudford, a young Australian boy is sent to stay with relatives in England after his younger brother is diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He agrees to this plan only because he wishes to find the best doctor in the world to cure his brother and he is convinced that the Queen of England will help him in this quest. This is a wonderful book.  It is extremely funny but also sad.  It deals with many relevant issues such as cancer, homosexuality and AIDS. A must read.  ISBN 0 00 330078 1

Other books by Gleitzman include:

JUSTICE OF THE DAGGER by James WATSON : In the light of recent events in East Timor and the hostage dramas in Indonesia , this book makes interesting reading. It deals with greed, power and deforestation and the helplessness of the forest people. It is fast-moving , cruel and even shocking , a gutsy political thriller and a good read for the mature reader.

ISBN 0-141-30007-8
TIGER TIGER by MELVIN BURGESS : A wealthy Chinese wishes to kill the tigers at Malham Tiger Park for their medicinal qualities.  One tigress escapes and exacts horrible revenge on the killers.  A powerful and exciting novel of greed, superstition and conservation.
ISBN 0-140-38339-5

Other exciting books also dealing
with the theme of conservation,
hunting and man's greed are THE 

FERREN AND THE ANGEL by Richard HARLAND : This fantasy novel is set in the year 3000 after the evil Humen have taken control of the earth.  Ferren, a member of the Residuals, a primitive race of people who dwell in fear in the ruins of civilisation, meets a warrior angel who has been stranded on earth.  Together they uncover the terrible truth behind the Humen and restore the earth to the original inhabitants. This book is fast moving, action-packed and sometimes terrifying but it is also funny and tender. This is a book for the mature reader who enjoys fantasy.

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ONE MORE RIVER by Lynne REID BANKS : For those who wish to learn more about the conflict situation in Israel, this is a complex but satisfying story about a Jewish family who leave Canada to settle on a Kibbutz, shortly before the Six Day War. 

The sequel, BROKEN BRIDGE, set 25 years later, continues the story and examines the lives of both Jewish and Palestinian Arabs living under military occupation in Israel since 1967.  Good reads for the advanced reader .

ISBN 0-14-037021-8

Other books include: Writing
on the Wall and the Indian in
the Cupboard series.

ISNB 0-14-036607-5

SEVEN STRANGE AND GHOSTLY TALES : Short stories by BRIAN JACQUES : These are very clever and amusing short stories with rather macabre endings and a definite twist in the tale . 

ISBN 0-09-987970-0v

Other books include the Redwall
series and Mossflower.


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE by DAVID LINE : This is an excellent and exciting thriller.  Two boys discover a murder.  Will they be next? There are great chase scenes on a train.  Worth reading even if the cover looks a bit out of date.

ISBN 0-14-039430-4

Other books by David Line: Mike
and Me and Screaming High


A CAGE FULL OF BUTTERFLIES by LESLEY BEAKE  :   Published by Maskew Miller Longman Pty Ltd 1989.  L. Beake is a South African writer. This is my favourite of her books and it is based on a true story.  Mponyane comes to live with the Saunders family as a favour to his elderly grandfather as there is no one else to look after this mute child.  He soon becomes aware of some tragedy surrounding the Saunders family.  He also senses that Frank,  his special friend and “responsibility “ is in grave danger. This is a wonderful story – tender, cruel and a reminder of the hardships experienced by many during the apartheid era.
ISBN 0 636 01293 X
ARTEMIS FOWL by EOIN COLFER :  Published by Penguin Group London 2001.  For those who enjoy fantasy, this is a wonderful book .  It is fast moving, clever, tongue in cheek and modern.  Artemis is a 12 year old brilliant, criminal mastermind.  Inspired by greed, his own gratification and the need to recoup the family’s fortune, he sets about stealing fairy gold.  He does, however, take on a bit more than he can chew.  The fairy police counteract with vigour. 
ISBN 0-670-91133-X
MILO’S WOLVES by JENNY NIMMO:  Published by Mammoth G Britain 2001.  I was enthralled by this book.  Milo and Mary suddenly bring in to their home a long lost brother. The older children are not convinced. Then they find themselves surrounded by evil forces threatening them.  Who is this boy who has come so suddenly into their lives?  Who are these evil forces?  This book deals with many issues – power, wealth, family ties, evil, and modern technical advances including cloning.  A thought-provoking and exciting read for older readers. 
ISBN  0 7497 3675 5

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FEATHER BOY by NICKY SINGER : Published by Collins London 2002.  Robert is a victim.  His parents are divorced.  His mother works hard and difficult schedules.  At school he is constantly at the butt end of all the jokes.  He is the guy last to be picked for a team and he is always being bullied.  As a result he has absolutely no confidence.  Then the school begins a project with a local Retirement Home and Robert meets Mrs Sorrel.  She convinces Robert that he must visit derelict Chance House.  She insists that he must “ fly.”  This is a very clever, original and emotional story in which we watch Robert “ grow .”


ISBN 0 00 712026-5

REFUGEE BOY by Benjamin Zephaniah : Published by Bloomsbury Publishing London 2001.  Living in Africa, we are aware of the plight of so many children who are victims of civil war but we rarely get involved or properly understand what difficulties they experience.  Alem is brought to London by his father.  He is Ethiopian but his mother is Eritrean. These two countries are at war and there is no future or safe place for this child. Then his father abandons Alem who is cared for by the Refugee Council and fostered by a wonderful family.  Will he be allowed to stay in England?  This is a story about an extremely brave and gifted child alone in a strange country far from the warm sun of Africa and his people. There is also an interesting Web Site at the end of the book. 

ISBN 0 7475 5086 7
LORD OF THE DANCE by Judy Allen : Hodder Children’s books. 2001.   Mike is the middle child , sandwiched between his hardworking, capable elder brother and his madcap, impulsive dare-devil sister.  He is not an achiever and constantly feels inadequate. Then his antique dealer father brings home an Antique Cabinet of Curiosities.  Inside is an old bottle.  Inscribed on it is  “There be a witch in this bottle – let her out and there be a peck of trouble.”  Mike is dared to keep the bottle in his room over night. This leads Mike to have to make some choices and he finds that he grows in confidence.  He is forced to make his own decisions and begins to assert himself. 
ISBN 0 340 79941 2

OCEAN TOMB – one of the DANGER ZONE SERIES by ANTHONY MASTERS : Franklin Watts London 1997. 

This is the dramatic, true story of Tony Bullimore, who was trapped in a storm in the cabin of his overturned yacht.   Find out how he survives at all odds.

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ISBN 07496 2797 2

Other books in this series :


0 7496 2799 9


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