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Friday 21 August 2015


Dear Parents

Thank you so much to all of you who attended Wednesday’s Family Service.  It was certainly the largest number of parents I have seen at a Family Service for a number of years. Your sons really enjoy your participation in these services.

Social Media

Yesterday morning our Grade 6s and 7s joined the College boys in the Memorial Chapel for an hour long presentation by social media expert and lawyer, Emma Sadleir. We limited attendance to Grade 6s and 7s because of the number of sexual issues that had to be included as these affect adolescents particularly.  Many parents also attended her talk last night. A huge thank you to Sam Petersen and the Prep PA for facilitating both presentations.

The presentation touched on so many of the currently available social media platforms – I was amazed at how many of our boys were using such a wide range of these.  She covered legal implications (defamation, right to privacy, pornography, identity theft, cyber-bullying, etc) as well as reputation and particularly reputational damage: the fact that what we post or receive online becomes our digital CV and therefore potentially much more revealing and less controlled than a CV one might submit for a scholarship or employment.  She dealt with sexting and child pornography and how easily even a school boy can be regarded as complicit before the law by holding or sending on any undesirable or defamatory material.

Essentially her message to the boys was twofold: “digital is dangerous – use wisely” and “post, write, store nothing online that you would not be happy to show the 5 P’s: parents, principal, police, a predator or prospective school, university or employer.  Nothing is private online!”

Teaching our boys online ethics and discernment is extremely important.  I think as parents of Prep boys it is important that you exercise control over what and how your sons are using their devices.  You can use the Parent Resource Page (on our website) which has articles about online responsibility and education usage.  

Kind regards



Tuesday 25 August 2015

07:30 Ladies' Prayer Meeting

Wednesday 26 August 2015

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