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Friday 24 July 2015


Dear Parents

Welcome back to the school term.  I hope you were able to enjoy some holiday time with your boys over the last three weeks.

During the holidays about 30 Bishops staff attended the International Boys’ School Coalition Annual Conference hosted at Bishops.  Vernon Wood, our Deputy Principal, led a Committee representing the 5 boys’ schools in organising the Conference.  It was a mammoth task to deliver such a successful conference.  Of the 650 delegates more than half were from around the world; the US, Australasia, UK and Africa.  As a school we received a great deal of compliments both for the campus and the quality of conference.

Conference presentations covered a broad range of subjects including gender diversity and sexual orientation, technology as an enhancer of learning, boys as makers and creators, classroom and school design and many more.

However, the major theme was “Lessons from Madiba” and keynote speakers included Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Judge Edwin Cameron and Dr Wilhelm Verwoerd.  All told the story of their lives that reflected  intense courage in the face of political and social adversity, action to effect change and an ongoing desire to contribute to reconciliation in South Africa (in Verwoerd’s case in Northern Ireland and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as well).  They were extremely well received.

Wilhelm Verwoerd, the grandson of H F Verwoerd, related his first meeting Mandela that took place in a home in Stellenbosch where ten politicians and academics were invited to meet and talk with Mandela shortly after his release from prison.  Considering his own family’s political history, Verwoerd was extremely nervous to meet Mandela and immediately explained his connection.  Mandela interrupted him to say: “I know, but tell me, how is your grandmother?  Please send her my regards.”  The Conference sent a strong message about the power of forgiveness, the need for reconciliation as well as action for justice.

On a different subject, I want to welcome Kashiefa Kerven who has taken over in our front-of-house position. She has recently moved from Gauteng where she had occupied a very similar position in a primary school for the last 12 years.  I hope that she will be very happy working here.

Kind regards




Monday 27 July

Please note schedule as Inter-house Cross Country for all boys

Tuesday 28 July

07:30 Ladies' Prayer Meeting Rossall Pavilion

Friday 31 July

Civvies Day. Adult clothing to be collected. See below

Sunday 2 August

18:00 Prep Boarders' Chapel Service Brooke Chapel




Test timetables (Term 3)

These are now all available on line (click here) and will be handed to the boys on Monday.

A reminder that the Annual Bishops Prep Calendar is a live document available on the home page of our website or on the link below.

Weekly Fixtures/Practices

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A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this worthy cause. So far we have 85 blankets with many more to come.

If anyone wants to continue knitting squares, they may do so.  We will always find a home for a blanket.

Saturday Rugby

If you can assist at tomorrow's tuck shop or egg and bacon stands please do go along and see if they require assistance particularly between 10.30 - 11.30.

Civvies Day

Next Friday is a civvies day.  Last term we collected children’s clothing.  This time we are collecting adult clothing for various needy causes (The Haven, Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, etc.)

The following events are scheduled. Please click the event for further information:
Bishops Alpha Inductory Evening 28 July 2015
Simply Blue/Cold Stone Jug Performance 4 August 2015
Emma Sadleir Talk 20 August 2015
Bishops Prep USA Tour December 2015

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