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Friday 31 July 2015


Dear Parents


Monday’s whole school Cross Country event went very well.  I was pleased to see so many boys with very different abilities and sometimes real difficulties completing the race.  In many cases those who finished in the top positions were as impressive as those who finished right at the bottom.  Cross Country is a wonderful experience of endurance – for many of our boys more mental than physical.

I congratulated the boys on this at assembly this morning but I also had to speak boys about responsibility.  40 boys phoned home during the morning on Monday because they had forgotten their togs – that’s just over 10% of boys. An unusual timetable on a Monday is a little difficult but sometimes unavoidable. 

The Cross Country had been on the calendar since the end of last term and was highlighted in last week’s newsletter but most importantly boys had had many reminders about it in the lead up:  at assembly, at House meetings and in class.  So I spoke to them about their responsibility and not relying on the adults to plan everything for them.

Please assist here by ensuring that they pack their own bags, tell you what’s happening the next day, follow their homework diaries, etc.  Checking after they have done this is good.  In busy lives it is often easier to do it for them but this does not teach them anything.


As you know we are experimenting with the use of iPads in certain lessons and when we do those boys who have iPads are asked to bring them to class. Boys that do not have iPads share with those that do and this works very well.  We have a problem now that some boys are bringing their iPads to school every day which is both unnecessary and distracting.  We will deal with that here but if you could ensure that these are only taken to school when needed it would be a great help to us.


Please keep your driving speed around the school as low as possible.  We are particularly concerned about the Rossall campus (Grade 3) where even with a speedbump and extra signage some parents are driving too fast.  Our youngest boys and all the boarders are based there.

Kind regards




Sunday 2 August

18:00 Prep Boarders' Chapel Service

Tuesday 4 August

07:30 Ladies' Prayer Meeting - Rossall

Grey PE Arrival (hosted required)





We are still looking for assistance to sew squares together. So far we have 91 blankets are hoping to reach the 100 mark. Please contact Sue in the library if you can assist.

Civvies Day
Thanks for the support. We had a wonderful response to the request for adult clothing today in lieu of Civvies Day.

The following events are scheduled. Please click the event for further information:

Simply Blue/Cold Stone Jug Performance 4 August
Emma Sadleir Talk 20 August 2015 (see below)
Bishops Prep USA Tour December 2015

Tuck Shop
We still require assistance at tomorrow's home rugby matches. If you can assist please go along to the tuck shop or egg and bacon stand and assist.

ABRSM Results can be found on the achievements page.

The Bishops Prep Parents’ Association
is proud to bring you the long awaited and exciting
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Date: Thursday 20 August 2015
Time: 19:00
Venue: Bishops Prep
R120 p/p Drinks and Snacks included.
EFT to
Bishops Prep Parents Association
First National Bank
Rondebosch 201509
Ref: Surname followed by “Sadleir

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