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FRIDAY 15 September 2017

Dear Parents


Assembly today focussed on the power of the simple THANK YOU. In the rush of activities and general life, the thank you is often forgotten or simply put off to another day which somehow never materialises. I spoke to our boys about a thank you being similar to a greeting – noticing someone else – but also the way of acknowledging what someone else has done for us. Our boys are good at saying thank you if something is handed to them, if someone helps them if they are hurt, etc.

I think generally many of the more considered thank you’s have fallen by the wayside – the email, the handwritten note, WhatsApp and telephone call. As adults, we generally mean to do this but it is often lost in the general rush to start the next thing or move on to the following event. We all want quality in everything we do or receive and as per the Xerox ad’s by-line from a few years ago, many of us are on “the quest for zero defect”. So sometimes the only time we stop and feedback is when something has gone wrong.

Recently some of our Grade 6 English classes wrote thank you letters to their parents; a thank you for all the moments and qualities they really appreciated. The response from the parents was wonderful. They were really touched by their son’s letters and grateful to the school for providing an opportunity and impetus. Some of the best thank you’s I have received over my years of teaching have been written by pupils themselves, in their own words, focussing on something in particular.

So, we are encouraging the boys to:

  • Be grateful for what they receive; taking nothing for granted.
  • Notice, acknowledge and thank the “background” people: the security guards, cleaning staff, maintenance staff.
  • Remember to thank each other when they are helped in any way by their peers.
  • Take the trouble to write a note (or send an email) to a coach at the end of a season, when a teacher has given extra-special help with something, preparing for a music exam, for instance, teachers at the end of a year, their parents, their grandparents for a gift, and so on.

It takes a “village to raise a child” so I think if we can all encourage our boys to reflect on what they receive and put it in writing at significant moments, we will be empowering this generation in a special way.

Best wishes




Friday 15 September 2017

Bishops Prep Chess Tournament
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 14h00 to 17h00

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Hats and Heels Staff Cabaret
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 19h00

Thursday 21 September 2017

Hats and Heels Staff Cabaret
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 19h00

Friday 22 September 2017

Hats and Heels Staff Cabaret
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 19h00

Sunday 24 September 2017

Heritage Day

Monday 25 September 2017

Public Holiday



Upcoming Soccer Fixtures

Monday 18th September
14:30 to 16:30 vs Rondebosch u10 and u11 (A, B ,C) Lutgensvale

Tuesday 19th September
14:30 to 16:45 vs Rondebosch u9, u12, u13 (A, B, C) Lutgensvale

Thursday 21st September
14:30 to 17:00 vs Red River u9, u10, u11, u12, u13 (A, B and some C)

Tuesday 26th September
14:30 to 17:00 vs Wynberg u9 and u12 (A, B, C) at Wynberg. u13A, B, C Lutgensvale

Wednesday 27th September
14:30 to 17:00 vs Wynberg u10 and u11 (A, B, C) at Wynberg

Hats and Heels Staff Cabaret

If you don't want to miss seeing "Teachers in Tutus" - we have very few seats left! Please email Sharon Johnson to discuss availability.

Car Jamming


Please be aware of car jamming. Don’t leave your car before physically checking that the doors are locked. Also avoid leaving anything valuable visible in the car. We often lock our cars and walk away without checking the doors. Criminals are jamming the remotes and getting into cars with ease and many our parents have had laptops and handbags stolen on the Glebe land and around sporting events including Lutgensvale.

Sandwich Outreach

There are 2 more sandwich making opportunities this term for Grade 6's and 7's. Let's pull out all the stops!



Brooke House Camp

The Grade 4 to 7 Brooke House boys had a wonderful time at their camp at Oppiesee in Melkbosstrand.

The Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund


On Wednesday 13 September, the Bishops Trust celebrated the legacy of a courageous young man, Hamilton Mvelase. The Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund will provide an opportunity for talented young boys from previously disadvantaged communities to receive a Bishops education, one they would ordinarily be unable to afford.

The evening was a wonderful success and was attended by members from all the Bishops constituencies. We were honoured to have the Mvelase family present. Mrs Mvelase expressed her gratitude and took comfort in the fact that Hamilton’s legacy would live on through this worthy cause.
WP Van Zyl opened proceedings with a heart-rending account of the day Hamilton was murdered and emphasised how great this particular loss was. Hamilton was an extraordinary boy who sacrificed his life for another. He grabbed every opportunity Bishops offered with both hands and there is little doubt that if fate had dealt a different hand on that day, Hamilton would be standing up amongst so many other successful ODs.

It was wonderful to welcome back John Gardener, Principal at the time of Hamilton’s tragic death who spoke about what was unquestionably a devastating time for the Bishops Community.
This emotional talk was followed by Samantha Petersen, Chairperson of the Trust, who provided information on the 175 Campaign.

Moshe Apleni, in true Bishops form, inspired individuals by recounting how being awarded the Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship in 1993 changed his life, and how his Bishops education contributed to his success It is for this reason that Moshe has played an integral role in reviving the Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund.

To view photos of this wonderful event please see here.

The Trust Facebook page has also gone live today and we encourage you to please like this page if you would like to follow the progress of the campaign.

U12 Day/Night Hockey Tournament

Despite the very wet weather, the u12 Day/Night Hockey Festival was a great success. Well done to Wet Pups and Springfield for winning the boys and girls sections respectively.

Grade 3 Outing

The Grade 3's had a great time on their outing to Langa to celebrate the Shoprite Boerewors Championship and partnership with the VUSA Rugby Academy.

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