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Friday 17 February 2017

Dear Parents

You might have noticed some digging around the Prep campus.  We are extending the borehole water wherever we can at present, some of the residences as well as the swimming pool.  We are lucky to have very “clean” water and being able to use ground water in the swimming pool will mean a considerable saving.  The ground water at College has a very high iron content – you can see this from how many of the buildings have yellow stains.  We have installed a de-ioniser at College, which will enable us to use it for the two water polo pools.  Even though we have a huge supply of ground water, we are watering responsibly, following a slightly different pattern and only between 16h00 and before 22h00.

New Bishops discs for 2017 will be issued shortly.  Please place them on your car windshield.  This is not only a security measure but also a way of controlling the number of drivers with no association to Bishops using the College Avenue as a through road.

Bishops are currently filming a marketing video and were given the go ahead last year to do this.  We did ask any parent who did not want their son to appear in these videos to please contact Rosemary Wilke at with name, surname and grade so we could erase those sections.  As there are new boys at Bishops in 2017, this is a follow up message asking if you do not want your son to appear, please email Rosemary Wilke as soon as possible.  If you have already told her, but wish to confirm, please do so.

This is the first half term off weekend in many years so I do hope it will be a good break for all in the middle of a busy term. I have told the boys that relaxing is compulsory.

Kind regards


Friday 24 February 2017

07:30 Experience Bishops 2017 for Prep boys going to College in 2018. Grade 7 parents and boys to meet at the Woodlands Pavilion at 07:30. Parents may leave at 10.00am and boys will be escorted back to the Prep for normal closing time.

Father and Sons Camp: All boys attending have been given a hard copy of final instructions to give to their Dads.
We look forward to a wonderful camp! Returning Sunday 26 February.



Wednesday 22 March 2017

19:00 Jagger Hall
Dr Lesley Carew, Child Psychiatrist, Internet and Social Media Usage for Children



10@GClayton@bishops.orgCivvies Day in aid Red Cross Paediatric Oncology Unit


Led by re-elected Chairperson, Samantha Petersen, your new PA team includes - treasurer, Lisa Brunton; secretary Jaki Petersen; Arthur Mngxekeza; Charmaine Cheminais (tuckshops); Di Davidson (outreach).

Please feel free to contact any of your PA members at anytime.


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