FRIDAY 20 October 2017


Dear Parents


Last week’s College Prizegiving was a particularly special one. I was thrilled to see so many Prep boys going up to receive prizes, with many of them featuring in the top three in their respective grades. Similarly, our Prep boys featured strongly in the leadership positions for 2018: four out of eight Heads of House and a number as Deputy Heads of House. Tim Sharples is Head of School and Okuhle Minyi Deputy Head of School: Day Boys. Tim was Prep Head Boy and Okuhle Chair of our Student Council in their Grade 7 year. It is wonderful to be able to watch our Prep boys develop during their College years and achieve success in a multitude of ways.

It is customary for the incoming Head of School to make an acceptance speech which cannot be easy given that he would not have had a great deal of time to prepare and it is an important message for the boys for the coming year. Tim’s was a humble and inspiring speech and two aspects of it really stood out for me. First, he greeted the school in Xhosa, Afrikaans and English and the second involved his late mother. Tim paid tribute to the support he had received from his mother who died during his Grade 4 year. He reflected how Mrs Siyengo, his early Xhosa teacher at the Prep, had taught the boys to honour their mothers with a praise song to mothers. He proceeded to sing it – an especially poignant moment of both respect and complete honesty.

The outgoing Head of School, Christian Rohrer, also a Prep boy, who as you know has been treated for cancer throughout the year, delivered his final address. Christian is now thankfully in remission and will sit his final examinations over the next few weeks. He spoke openly of his journey over the year, the challenges he had faced, his determination to maintain as much normalcy in his Matric year as possible and the support he had received. He too paid tribute to his parents and described how he felt he had grown through a very harsh and taxing experience. His positive attitude and commitment to make the most of his circumstances have inspired College boys and they have really stood by him.

It was a very special and moving experience: to see this level of self-reflection, honesty in public and humility was both heart-warming and inspiring.

Best wishes

Kind regards




Friday 20 October 2017

Grade 7 Saroc Social
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 18h00 to 20h30

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Inter-House Relay Sports
Venue: Lutgensvale

Time: 15h15 to 17h45

Friday 27 October 2017

Civvies Day
In aid of St Paul's Primary. R10 per boy, to buy Christmas presents for the pupils of St Paul's.

Friday 27 October 2017

Van der Bijl Games Evening
Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 18h00 to 21h00


Volunteers required


Sue Johns requests some help with framing art pictures for the art display later this term. It will involve measuring and gluing pictures to cardboard frames. If there are moms who are happy to come and help in the mornings for a couple of hours or in the afternoons while waiting to fetch their sons from sports practices, they will be provided with tea and snacks. Please email with details of when you can help and she will contact you.

Outreach - Christmas presents for St Paul's

A huge thank you to all the families who have contributed towards the St Paul's Christmas goody bags. We still need items to fill the bags so if you would like to contribute, please send FIZZERS, LOLLIPOPS and TENNIS BALLS (or balls the size of tennis balls) to the library. Every year the pupils of St Paul's Primary are so delighted with their gifts.


Wishing all our Hindu families joyous and peaceful Diwali celebrations.


Waltons 2018 Stationery orders as well as Sports and Music photographs orders are to be handed in to the office.

Second-Hand Shop


The Second-Hand shop will continue to open on Tuesdays and Thursdays up to and including the last day of term. Now is a good time to get organised before the holidays, so why not pay them a visit. The shop will also be open the day before school starts next year.


Operating Hours:

Tuesday - 07h15 to 08h15 and 12h45 to 14h15

Thursday - 07h15 to 08h15 and 12h45 to 14h15


The hours will be changing slightly next year which we will communicate in due course.

Bishops Trust Update

Support for Mr Mendes and EduNova


Mr Mendes will be taking part in the 100km Lesotho SkyRun this November to raise funds for the educational charity, EduNova. The SkyRun ( takes place between 1650m and 2750m above sea level in the Lesotho mountains and is 100km in length, including almost 6300m of climbing. All athletes must carry their own equipment consisting of food, drink, clothing, GPS, first aid, etc and self-navigate the route in the 30-hour allocated time. Of the 250 selected athletes, many do not finish as it is physically, mentally and emotionally draining and takes months of preparation just to get to the start line.


Please click here for further information and to see how you can support and contribute. The link below will take you directly to Steve’s sponsorship page.



Sandwich Outreach

Well done to the Grade 4's on an excellent turnout for sandwich making on Tuesday!

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