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Friday 3 February 2017


Dear Parents

As indicated last year, we will hold a feedback meeting in April on our progress in the use of iPads as an integral part of teaching and learning.

As you know, the only mobile device allowed at school is the iPad.  We are strict about its usage:

  • Only to be used in lessons on the instruction of a teacher.
  • Never to be used at break, while waiting for sport, or a lift, etc. While this rule is broken there are consequences and the incidents are few and far between.
  • No games to be played on iPads at school. This is more difficult to ‘police’ but again an infringement here has consequences.  Much of the iPad use involves activity/moving around and producing something at the end so it is more difficult to sit on a game in class time.
  • Outside of lessons the iPad has to be locked in boys’ lockers and not left in desks in the classroom.  Surprisingly few have been lost over the last year and then invariably found – even one left at the water polo pool overnight!


  • Boys love technology!  It is all-engrossing and games are never-ending so one is never satisfied with how far one gets.
  • Many parents have asked about the amount of time their sons should be spending on their iPads and setting general rules for the use of technology at home.
  • We are going to organise a presentation for parents on this issue and are researching presenters for this.
  • Essentially there have to be limits at home; there can’t be a laissez faire approach.
  • Homework is unlikely to need more than half an hour on the iPad. If it is often more, please check with your son’s form teacher. Boys are not always using their iPads to do homework, even when they say they are.
  • Set a limit for recreational use. Half an hour three days a week? Allow them the choice of night, if you like, but it must be controlled. Also impose limits over the weekend.
  • Abuse of social media is becoming one of the most prevalent discipline issues at school, starting from grade 6. If you allow boys to be on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp groups, etc.) I suggest you do it on the understanding that you have your son’s password and that you will check what is posted from time to time.
  • Take technology away at bedtime. After lights out there are cases of children spending hours on cell phones and iPads so at Prep School they should not have them in their rooms at night.

Technology is wonderful and can be so effective and sophisticated.  Its increasing use is a fact of life and a necessity and even more so for the world that our children are entering. But our boys do also have to spend time reading, playing, chatting, doing tactical things, being in nature, even being bored.

We will inform you about the parents’ evening that we will be holding on this subject.

Kind regards


Friday 3 February 2017

17:00 - 19:30 (event time) Bishops Prep Sports Day

Dates to diarise:


Thursday 16 February 2017

18:00: PA AGM



Water Saving

Don’t forget to download the form and fill in your water saving data.
If you have not done so already, click here.

Click on our Achievement Link to see this week's artists of the week. See below a self-portrait in tone of one colour.

Grade 8 Entrance Examinations 2018

The entrance exam information and form were emailed to you this week. Entries need to be returned in hard copy to either Prep or College reception before 8th March.

Enquiries to


We have reverted back to Tuesdays for sandwich collections. Once again, Attwood Primary will be the recipient of our donations.

Subject Folders and School Bags

If you have no further use for your old school bags and subject folders from last year please can you bring them to the library. These will be given to a school in Khayalitsha.

Test Timetables

Gr 5 to Gr 7 Test timetable is on the calendar on the Website and on your sons profile in MyBishopsLife: Academic- Work schedule

 Discovery Duathlon Schools’ Challenge

Congratulations to all the boys and their families who have already made teams and entered this amazing event. Next week is going to be great fun.

If you are 12 years of age or older and still fancy challenging your teachers and friends at this years’ Discovery Duathlon whilst competing against other school teams for top honours, look at the link below for more information and get involved.

Entries are still open but close soon. Get a team organised and get involved.

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