Concussion Testing


The incidence and awareness of concussion is very much on the increase – this seems to be due to the increasing incidence of concussions in school sport as well as the increasing numbers of pupils who have sustained concussions that have resulted in complications such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This has lead to prolonged disability and slow return to the classroom and sports field. This increase may be due to the nature of rugby and sport in general becoming quicker and more physically demanding, which in effect leads to ‘contact situations’ becoming potentially more dangerous, but is also a result of the medical profession and sporting administrators being far more aware of the seriousness of multiple concussions. (The recent South African Sports Medicine Association meeting in 2013 paid particular attention to this problem)

As a school, Bishops want to  protect our young athletes in whatever sport they may participate in, by putting in place the internationally accepted” best practice” structures to prevent, assess and manage concussion.

The ImPACT programme is a programme that we have used to a certain extent in the past and would like to use increasingly more with ALL our students and athletes as it is recognized internationally as the gold standard in concussion management. The ImPACT programme provides each pupil with a baseline neurocognitive test, and should the pupil sustain a concussion during the year on or off the sports field it also provides as many follow up tests as are required. In addition it provides each parent with the option of accessing expert medical advice and assessment in the event of a concussion.

(With thanks to Kingswood College)


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