Banner History



All House banners to be similar as follows: Bishops mitre and scroll at top; motto on scroll at bottom.


Shield in the centre, depicting the following:


Divided into four sections:


  • A symbol of monetary wealth (Charles Bramley)
  • Bell (history)
  • The Bramley flower (also referred to as the brambling rose) is common to all Bramley family’s shields and crests.
  • Bear face (our mascot)


The bear was thought to possess diplomacy equal to its great strength and it is the emblem of ferocity in the protection of family. A bear is also a symbol of healing and personal health, strength and bravery. The bear, in all that it represents, is thus a most appropriate choice of mascot for the House.




The motto evolved from the watchword or war-cry of the Bramley family, and is often referred to a memorable event in the family history.


Today, the Bramley motto reflects the long-term benefits of an all round education, and is synonymous with the many and varied advantages of a Bishops education.




"non scholae sed vitae discimus" (we learn not for school, but for life)