van der Bijl Boarding House

van der Bijl House is the only boarding house at the Prep. Forty-two beds are available for use from Grade 2  to 7. The House is run by a Housemaster, an Assistant Housemaster, Matron and a number of ‘stooges'. The boarders can go home/out every weekend apart from the first weekend of the year which is a time for orientation.

Temporary boarding
Parents of day pupils are invited to make use of the boarding facilities on a temporary basis, provided accommodation is available. Arrangements should be made with the Housemaster.

Contact Details for the Boarding House: (phone) +27 (0)21 685 7358

Mr Greg Shuttleworth : Housemaster

Mr Clayton Turner: Assistant Housemaster

MrSteve Mendes: Assistant Housemaster

Mrs Erica Leppan : Matron

Head of House: Sebastian Allison

Deputies: Sasha Feinberg & Lawrence Masha

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