In February 2010 a little black and white dog was tied to the railway tracks near Worcester by two men.  Luckily she was found by a man called Andre who cut her free.  Andre loves dogs and took her to the vet for treatment.  She lost the pups she was carrying and had to have a badly injured front leg amputated.  (He also left no stone unturned until the perpetrators were caught.)

As a result of this incident Andre founded the Lucky Lucy Foundation near Durbanville which strives to uplift pets and people in the Visserhoek and Wallacedene settlements.   He treats dogs for mange, has them sterilized, provides dog food to owners, etc. but the main thrust of his Foundation is to educate pet owners in these areas and rather than confiscate, rehabilitate and return dogs to their owners. 

Lucky Lucy, now a happy little Fox Terrier visits schools spreading the word and raising funds.  (The Foundations’ costs are approximately R80 000 a month.  Vet bills total R15 000 a month, the animals need 120 kg of food per day, fuel is costly and so on.)  Lucky Lucy visited Bishops Prep last year (and persuaded Mr Scott to share his scone with her) and on break-up day last term, a group of boys went out to visit Lucy. 

This was an outing with a difference.  Ten boys and fifty dogs took off at a run across the veld in a group/pack “walk”, the bigger boys and faster dogs out in front and the younger boys bringing up the rear with the small and limping dogs.  Joshua had eyes only for Tomcat the Jack Russell and Motheo took a shine to Banjo, Tomcat’s tiny brother.  Andre told the group about his work with the dogs at the foundation and we met ten large pot-bellied pigs that had been abandoned.  Some of the boys explored the cattery, all wanted to adopt either a dog or cat and take it home!  On the way home some boys chatted animatedly about the outing while other slept from sheer exhaustion after a wonderful excursion.

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