Fri 16 AugA team RBPSAwayWon 10-3
Awesome wins for Reuben Truter, Nicholas Basson who has never lost a league match and Tristan Swanich.
B Team RBPSAwayLost 2-10
Jacob Oelz and Tiaan Louw won games for us.
C Team RBPSHomeWon 8-6
Classy wins for Luke Sara and Jamie Bailey to set up a narrow win on points.
D Team RBPSHomeLost 3-9
Dynamic win for Chris du Toit and he had to play back to back games. Rohan Rossouw was involved in the match of the day, going down narrowly 14-16 in the decider.
Fri 26 JulA team SACSHomeLost 3-9
Excellent win by Reuben Truter and Tristan Swanich was involved in an exciting close match.
B Team SACSHomeLost 4-8
Brilliant wins for Nicholas Basson and Michael Kotze who after being a game down won the last two games 16-14 and 16-14.
C Team Camps BayHomeWon 8-0
Clinical wins for Jacob Oelz, David Handley, Dylan Martin and Theo Scheder-Bieschen.
D Team SACSAwayLost 5-7
Dashing win for Rowan Rossouw and Jamie Bailey was involved in the match of the day with the final game going down to the wire.
Fri 19 JulA team WPPSAwayWon 10-5
Awesome wins for Reuben Truter, Arun Nayar and Michael Kotze who was involved in a 5 game thriller.
Fri 07 JunA team St Charles NatalAwayWon 9-0
Excellent wins for Reuben Truter, Adam Constant, Nic Basson, Ross Stewart, Arun Nayar, Jacob Oelz, David Handley, Alex Savva and Michael Kotze
Fri 24 MayA team RBPSHomeLost 6-8
Excellent wins for Adam Constant and Reuben Truter. Reuben was involved in the match of the day winning 16-14 in the deciding fifth game.
B Team LlundudnoAwayWon 10-2
Brilliant wins for Nic Basson, James Robb-Quinlan and Tiaan Louw
C Team Fish HoekAwayWon 156-151 (points)
Cunning wins for Alex Savva and Jamie Bailey. The match was deadlocked at 6 games all, but we scraped home with a narrow 156-151 points victory. It just goes to show that every point counts.
D Team Fish HoekAwayWon 7-5
Dashing wins for Rowan Rossouw and Joe Lappin. Ben Karlein won a crucial game on debut to secure the overall victory.
Fri 17 MayA team WynbergAwayWon 12-1
Clinical wins for Tristan Swanich, Adam Constant, Ross Stewart and Nicholas Leith.
B Team BeaumontHomeWon 14-1
Classy wins for Arun Nayar, Nic Basson, James Robb-Quinlan, Alex Savva and Tiaan Louw.
C Team Kirstenhof PrimaryHomeWon 11-2
Fantastic wins for Theo Scheder-Bieschen, Luca Mynhardt, Rowan Rossouw and Joe Lappin.
Fri 03 MayA team WPPSAwayWon 10-3
Amazing wins for Ross Stewart, Nic Basson and Arun Nayar.
B Team WPPSAwayWon 8-0
Bright and breezy wins for Nicholas Leith, Jacob Oelz, David Handley and Alex Savva.
C Team SACSAwayLost 0-8
Close games for James Robb-Quinlan and Rowan Rossouw.
Fri 26 AprA team Sweet ValleyHomeWon 11-4
Awesome wins for Reuben Truter, Adam Constant and Tristan Swanich.
B Team Sweet ValleyHomeWon 10-0
Brilliant wins for Nic Basson, Michael Kotze, Arun Nayar and Nicholas Leith.
C Team Sweet ValleyHomeWon 8-0
Classy wins for David Handley, Alex Savva, Jacob Oelz and Joe Lappin.