Bishops believes that sport plays a vital role in the all-round education of every boy and believes in the value of participation in team sports. Tours take place regularly.

  • Boys have Physical Education lessons during class hours.
  • Boys are expected to do a minimum of 2 afternoons of sport per week.


Summer Terms

Cricket, Water Polo, Swimming, Tennis and Athletics are offered.
All boys participate in Inter-House Athletics and Swimming during the 1st Term.

Winter Terms

Rugby, Hockey, Squash, Cross Country are offered. Hockey matches from U9 to U13 are played during the week. Rugby matches are played on Saturday mornings. The Soccer season normally starts at the beginning of September. All boys participate in Inter-House Soccer matches followed by two Inter- School matches with two sides from U9 to U13 being involved.

  • Judo and Fencing are offered privately at the School.

Grade 3 Sport

Grade 3 boys participate in Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming and Soccer as extra–mural activities. Mini-cricket matches take place on Tuesday afternoons in the summer, with rugby matches on Saturday mornings, in the winter. Judo and Fencing are offered at additional cost.

Boys are encouraged to participate in more than one sport each season.