Integrated Computer Studies

The main emphasis is upon skills development as required by the curriculum. The policy of the school is to use the computer facilities as an aid to teaching the subject matter of the curriculum and the students are taught the required skills to enable them to produce the work required. The school intranet and the internet are used as teaching aids and for research purposes in conjunction with the library. Each classroom from Grade 3 - 7 also has an inter-active whiteboard installed. This very visual form of teaching and learning is beneficial when teaching difficult concepts, plus keeps the lessons fun and exciting. We have very good software which complements the use of the whiteboards in all subjects. Our staff have on-going training and have become familiar with its uses and benefits. Computer studies are introduced in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Skills Acquisition Grades 2 & 3

Learning the basic operations such as computer basics, mouse skills, keyboard layout and software packages such as the Microsoft Office Suite, with the emphasis on learning new IT and life skills where fun, lateral thinking and a progression of new skills are learned.

Stage 2: Integration of skills Grades 4 to 7

students now apply IT skills they have gained and use the resources of the IT centre to produce subject related documents and presentations, with less focus on the computer skills and a greater focus on the content of the project produced in the different subject areas. Teachers can continue to teach their subject without the concern that the standard of their subject will drop. The assessment of the computer-related tasks still remains subject-driven.

Stage 3: Continuous Assessment

Educators will be kept up to date with what the students can do using technology and the students need to have the necessary IT skills in order to produce the work. The subject teachers do not necessarily need to have all the required skills for each computer task. The students will be able to draw from their various IT skills to produce the work required. Teachers will be encouraged to use technology to enhance the learning experience in subject teaching.