Exchange and Tours


Durban Tour


As seniors of the Prep School, the entire Grade 7 year tour to KwaZulu Natal. This tour is unique as it combines music, sport, history and adventure. All boys play at least one sport while on tour and the musicians play in a specially developed Tour Ensemble. The boys enjoy visits to a variety of interesting places including uShaka Marine World, the Shark Museum, Shakaland, the battle sites of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift in the midlands. Boys are hosted by families of the schools that we visit and for the balance of the trip are accommodated at a youth retreat and an adventure camp in the midlands. The Durban Tour affords Grade 7 boys an invaluable opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and to get to know their fellow classmates better.


Dulwich Exchange


Each year, a group of 12 Grade 6 boys, accompanied by two staff members, go on a two week long exchange to Dulwich Prep in the United Kingdom. They are hosted by Dulwich families and participate in classroom, sporting and cultural activities at the school and are taken on various sightseeing trips in London.


Durbanville Preparatory Exchange


This is an annual event which began in 2018. The exchange invloves all boys from Grades 3 to 7 and the entire academic staff. Bishops Prep and Durbanville alternate hosting the exchange.

Throughout the day, the boys particiapte in a variety of sporting and cultural activities with many of the older boys being hosted by Durbanville families overnight.

Durbanville Preparatory is a co-ed and dual medium school so it is an excellent opportunity for our boys to experience a different school environment.