Life Orientation

Life Orientation at Bishops is designed to provide opportunities for the boys to explore a wide range of topics related to their social, emotional and academic development. Many of the classes involve conversations in which all boys are encouraged to participate and express their beliefs and ideas. In so doing, they learn that it is acceptable to hold different opinions as well as to respect one another’s views.

On the academic front, grade 4s to 7s spend a term learning different aspects of time management and study skills. In these lessons, they learn about the different types of learning styles; how to organise and manage their time effectively; and different skills to assist in their learning.

In the younger grades, boys are taught: emotional literacy and appropriate ways of managing overwhelming feelings; children’s rights; values and general areas of social awareness. In the senior grades, some of the topics discussed are conflict resolution, stereotyping, sexuality, and adolescent use of alcohol and drugs.

In all the grades, boys are regularly reminded about the Bishops Anti-bullying Policy. They are taught about the difference between bullying and conflict; how to be assertive and take control (without being hurtful) when others are trying to hurt and dominate; the code of secrecy; and that reporting on bullying is not snitching. Issues of cyberbullying are also dealt with in the senior grades.