About the Prep

Situated in the Cape Town suburb of Rondebosch, at the foot of Devil's Peak and Table Mountain, Bishops Preparatory School is an Anglican independent school for boys.

The Prep (Grade 3-Grade 7) and Pre-Prep Schools (Grade N - Grade 2) are two parts in the total system that makes up Bishops Preparatory School. We average about 276 boys in the Pre-Prep and 380 in the Prep.




In addition to the normal subjects one would expect at this age, all boys from Grade 3 onwards do Design Technology, a subject which concentrates on problem-solving and lateral thought, while developing technological and constructional skills. A fully networked computer laboratory exposes pupils at an early age to Information Technology, while art and music form a vital part of their education throughout the Prep. Boys are exposed to instruction in Xhosa in their first year at the school and Afrikaans is also offered as a second language.

There are three classes at each level in the Pre-Prep and Prep. In Grade 6 & 7 we stream boys in Maths and English depending on their ability. Where possible the maximum number of pupils in any single class is 25.

Parents receive regular reports on the progress of their children in the school, and, for any problems that may need special attention, the housemasters are always available to help where possible.

We do not operate a remedial stream here, but special attention by trained staff is available to boys who are struggling in a particular area. This is monitored by a remedial-trained teacher on the staff.


Other Activities

  • A very active Piscatorial Club aimed at boys interested in fishing and the outdoors.
  • Fundraising for needy local charities carries on throughout the year, giving rise to numerous different activities, with a view to developing the boys' social responsibilities.
  • A very active Chess Club enables boys to learn the game and compete with other schools in teams on Friday afternoons.