About the Prep

Situated in the Cape Town suburb of Rondebosch, at the foot of Devil's Peak and Table Mountain, Bishops Preparatory School is an Anglican independent school for boys.

The Prep (Grade 3 - Grade 7) and Pre-Prep Schools (Grade N - Grade 2) are two parts in the total system that makes up Bishops Preparatory School. We average about 276 boys in the Pre-Prep and 380 in the Prep.




There are three classes at each level in the Pre-Prep and Prep. Where possible the maximum number of students in any single class is 25.

In addition to the traditional subjects one would expect at this age, all boys from Grade 3 onwards do Design Technology, a subject which concentrates on problem-solving and lateral thought, while developing technological and constructional skills. Our iPad Programme exposes students at an early age to Information Technology, while art and music form a vital part of their education throughout the Prep. Boys are exposed to instruction in Xhosa and Afrikaans is offered as a second language.

Two qualified psychologists are available to address the psychological, emotional or social needs that arise amongst our boys. We also have a number of remedial teachers on hand to assist boys who need extra academic support.




Bishops Prep offers a daily Aftercare facility, from the end of the school day until 17h00. The aftercare programme is run by a qualified remedial teacher and nursing sister and we charge a daily rate for the service.




Bishops is served by an Anglican Chaplain who is responsible for the chapel and the spiritual concerns of the school. At the Prep, we are fortunate to also have a youth pastor who teaches Divinity classes, leads Assembly and Chapel services and is involved in the day to day life of the Prep. Our grade 6 and 7 boys may choose to participate in a Christian Club called The Mustard Seed.

Our programme also includes a very developed and successful House system, providing a home within a home; counselling services and chaplaincy; as well as teaching staff committed to a nurturing environment that promotes both the development of character, self-esteem and personal resilience.




Bishops believes that sport plays a vital role in the all-round education of every boy and believes in the value of participation in team sports. Tours take place regularly. Boys have Physical Education lessons during class hours and they are expected to do a minimum of 2 afternoons of sport per week. Boys are encouraged to participate in more than one sport each season.




Music, clubs and dramatic productions form the backbone of this sphere of school life. The Music Department has grown enormously over the past fifteen years so that more than half our boys receive tuition in one or more instruments. Boys’ schools can so often appear to emphasise sport to the virtual exclusion of other activities. We are pleased that the cultural sphere of school life is of equal importance to all others at Bishops


Other Activities


The Piscatorial Club attracts boys who are passionate about fishing and the outdoors and is open to boys all year round.

A very active Chess Club enables boys to learn the game and compete with other schools in teams on Friday afternoons.

Fundraising for needy local charities carries on throughout the year, giving rise to numerous different activities, with a view to developing the boys' social responsibilities.