Prep Staff

Mr Greg Brown (Headmaster)
Mr Chris Groom & Mrs Karen Dallas (Deputy Headmasters)

Mrs Alison Cunnold (Admissions and Headmaster’s PA)
Mrs Kashiefa Kerven (School Secretary)
Mrs Sharon Johnson (Marketing Co-ordinator)
Mrs Melody Green (Music Administrator)

Anderson, Murray Grade 6B, Teacher in Charge - Hockey
Clapperton, Sandee Music
Cook, Laura Counsellor
Dallas, Karen Deputy Headmaster, Head of Academics
De La Harpe, Chloe Librarian, English Teacher
De Sousa, Grant Grade 4B, Housemaster Charlton, Teacher in Charge - Tennis and Chess
Dinan, Linda ICT Manager and Curriculum Integration
Drury, Russell Head of English, Drama, Assistant Housemaster Charlton
Duck, Caroline English and Drama Teacher
Dudley, JP Grade 3P
Erlangsen, Mark Head of Design Technology
Fogarty, Brendan Head of isiXhosa, Teacher in Charge - Water Polo and Rugby, Director of Vusa Rugby and Learning Academy
Fry, Laurelle Grade 3B
Gloak, Mandy Grade 4P, Teacher in Charge - Swimming
Graney, Penny Grade 4S, Housemaster Bramley
Groom, Christopher Deputy Headmaster, Head of Sport and Discipline
Hamman, Leanne Grade 3S, Teacher in Charge - Cross Country, Head of Grade 3
Johns, Sue Head of Art
Jordan, Gareth Grade 7P, Head of Mathematics, Assistant Housemaster Bramley
Louw, Willem Grade 5B, Housemaster Brooke, Teacher in Charge - Cricket
Luzmore, Naadia Grade 6P, Head of Science
Mathyeke, Xolani Grade 5P, Teacher in Charge - Soccer
Mhura, Innocent IT Technician and Curriculum Integration Support
Mitchell, Bruce Grade 7S, Head of Social Science, Teacher in Charge - Athletics
Mqomboti, Khwezi Head of Physical Education, Housemaster Van der Bijl, Sports Co-ordinator
Scott, Stuart Head of Music
Sheard, Tina Music Teacher
Siko, Thamsanqa Grade 6S, Assistant Housemaster Van der Bijl
Tsotso, Lutho Youth Pastor
Turner, Clayton Grade 7B, Head of Afrikaans, Assistant Housemaster Brooke
Tyali, Nanele Grade 5S