Social Science

Geography introduces students to the interplay between humans and their environment, and encompasses scientific, mathematical and language skills. As a subject, it provides our boys with knowledge that help to understand our complex world by covering topics such as where people live and why; how and why changes takes place in water, land and air; the reasons for differences and similarities in environments and lifestyles in the world today and the interdependence between climate, wildlife, vegetation and human activity within a particular area to name a few.

We aim to promote and nurture our boys’ intellectual curiosity, by discussing topical subjects. This, in turn, helps them develop an understanding of the world as a set of related systems and an appreciation of the sustainable use of their environment.

History enables students to understand how society changes and develops over time and to evaluate how past human action has an impact on the present and how it influences the future. We encourage questions about the past i.e. what happened, when and why, and we encourage boys to think analytically about the past.

The boys will be introduced to a variety of sources to illustrate past events such as cartoons, photographs, direct quotations, poems and maps and will be required to critically analyse and interpret this content. Language and writing skills are often enhanced through the study of history and students can develop excellent questioning skills. We aim to engender not only a good understanding of history, but an appreciation of the interesting and challenging subject that it is.