Natural Science

Natural Science at Bishops guides the boys on an exciting ‘hands on’ exploration of their environment. Small classes, an appropriately equipped Science Laboratory, a Design Technology room and a variety of excursions ensure fun-filled participative learning. We hope that Science investigation will ‘spill over’ into each boy’s home! We regard the interest and encouragement of parents as critically important to each boy’s progress and are most appreciative of constructive feedback to what we are doing at school. Bishops aims to give each boy a special and rewarding experience.

Our general aims are to develop and enhance in each student a desire to understand the nature and substance of the world around him, through scientific enquiry; to offer each student the opportunity to internalise scientific knowledge and methodology; to mobilize each student to think critically and creatively and then venture confidently into their own independent research and investigation and to instil in each student a respect for his environment and a duty to take a personal responsibility for the conservation of natural resources.