Computers - Information & Communication Technology

Bishops is a technology-rich school. We offer state-of-the-art ICT facilities to aid staff in teaching the subject matter of the curriculum and to encourage students to develop 21st century skills. Using technology in addition to traditional classroom practice encourages active thinking, collaboration and communication. It enhances learning and enables exciting and innovative teaching.

We have an extensive network consisting of both physical cable and wireless access points. All classes have access to the computer centre for research and projects. All teaching venues are fitted with wireless access points to facilitate the use of mobile technology and all classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and data projectors.

The Prep intranet is a dynamic learning management site, providing a webpage for each subject. Subject sites provide an overview of the curriculum as well as current classwork, projects, resources and research sites. The intranet is accessible to boys on and off campus.

Bishops Prep launched a One-to-One iPad Programme in 2016. This programme is about learning, not technology, and it has enabled teaching and learning to occur in ways that were simply not possible before. As an educational tool, the iPad can enhance and render learning more meaningful and authentic. It assists in teaching boys how to select, interpret, compare and work with the wealth of information that exists in so many different forms. Bishops also strives to teach our students digital integrity, the same values that apply to any life situation, but are so often forgotten in the online world.