About the Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep was founded in 1962 with 24 boys. It consisted of two classrooms, a staff room, kitchen and a cloakroom. The school now consists of three Grade N open plan classes with an amazing playground, three Grade R classrooms and playgrounds with beautiful climbing equipment and discovery areas, a catering kitchen, three Grade 1 classrooms and three Grade 2 classrooms. There is a lovely new hall overlooking the fields. We also have a fully equipped Art Room, Music Room and child-friendly Library. Grades 1 and 2 have separate play areas with climbing apparatuses. The Pre-Prep is situated adjacent to the College campus and is therefore also able to use the College sports fields during break and Aftercare and for sport.

The classrooms are light and airy with doors opening out onto a veranda. The maximum number of boys per class is set at 24. The teachers in the Grade N section have only 20 boys per class with a teacher assistant. The teachers in Grade R enjoy the assistance of our wonderful Teacher’s Aide in each classroom, who is able to lend support where needed. All the classrooms are well-equipped with teaching apparatus as well as games, puzzles, Planx, blocks, Lego, Lazy and other toys which inspire the boys to interact and be creative while learning at the same time.

The Grade R, 1 and 2 classrooms each have a digital data projector which allows the teacher to create an interactive board on her white board to support learning. Our classes have introduced the boys to flexible seating which means not all boys sit in desks during the school day. Many other options are available to them and they therefore find the spot that allows them to be most productive when working. Ball chairs, bean bags and scoop chairs and standing tables are some options, depending on the need of the boy. We facilitate many movement breaks during the school day where boys have an opportunity to wriggle and move, go for a run or simply jump on the trampoline.

The Pre-Prep has a beautiful Music Room with a music teacher permanently assigned to the Pre-Prep. Classes from Grade N to Grade 2 for singing, movement and percussion take place on a weekly basis. Boys are able to begin recorder lessons from the start of Grade 1. The Head of Music at the Prep School may be contacted should boys wish to learn another instrument. These classes will be with private music teachers. Boys wishing to sing in the Pre-Prep Choir are auditioned. Their practices take place before school once a week.

A physical literacy programme is integrated into the school day by our Sport and Wellness division. This group of biokinetics plan and deliver quality daily activities which specifically focuses on building strength, stamina and basic skills together with a carefully planned Gross Motor programme during the morning. The physical development of our boys is carefully monitored and managed as they move through the school.

We offer a variety of Winter and Summer extra mural activities from Grade N to Grade 2. As the boys get older, we adjust our offering to include a wider variety of sports and activities, concentrating on developing the whole child. We have an array of private extra murals on offer which boys can participate in as well.

Family Chapel services are held once a term although boys do visit the chapel on a weekly basis. We have a wonderful Chaplain as well as a youth pastor who works with our boys regularly. A voluntary prayer group of interested parents meets weekly at the Woodlands Pavilion to pray for the school.

We have a full time Reading Support/Extension teacher in Grade 1 and 2 as well as full time Occupational Therapists, Remedial Therapists, Paediatric Physiotherapists and Speech Therapist for those who require it. We proudly facilitate an effective Teacher Intern programme for 4 students – someone who is studying and working towards becoming a Foundation Phases teacher.