House System

There are four Houses at Bishops Prep.

Each boy from Grade 3 to 7 is placed in a house where he is under the care and guidance of a housemaster and an assistant. Housemasters take the time to get to know the boys in their houses well enough to be able to guide and encourage them and to ensure that they get the most out of what Bishops has to offer. They regularly attend class teachers' meetings to monitor the progress of their boys and deal with any issues that may come to light. Housemasters also provide a communication line for parents.

The grade 7 boys are entrusted with the leadership of our houses. Each Housemaster appoints a grade 7 boy as Head of House and each grade 7 is given a leadership role in one of the house portfolios.

Families are encouraged to get to know their son’s Housemaster and Assistant Housemaster and to become an integral part of the House community.