House System

Every boy from Grade 3 to 7 is placed in one of four Houses, where he is under the care and guidance of a housemaster and assistant. The purpose of this arrangement is for the housemaster to ensure that each boy is getting the most out of what the school has to offer. Over the years housemasters get to know the boys in their houses well enough to be able to guide and encourage them. The housemasters are always present at regular class teachers' meetings to pick up any information on the progress of boys in their houses and deal with any problems that may come to light.

They also provide a communication line for parents if there are difficulties. The Houses are also split up into Home Groups which are led by a staff member. The Home Group is a small, informal group of Grade 6's and 7's who get together once a week to swap news, chat about issues, or just relax together. In this way a boy has yet another staff member he could talk to about problems or concerns in an informal environment.