Bishops Prep Cricket is a summer sport played in the 1st and 4th Terms. It is a popular sport with multiple teams being represented in each age group. Great importance is placed on developing the required skills through sound coaching techniques, enthusiastic participation and real enjoyment. Regular matches are played amongst the local schools which engenders much healthy rivalry between the schools.

Cricket is organised into Senior and Junior sections. The seniors consist of seven teams who play matches: 1st XI, 2nd XI, U12A teams play the longer version of the game on a Saturday morning. This is based on time rather than limited overs. The selection process has changed from previous years in that the best U13s and U12s will make up the 1st XI. The 2nd XI will consist of only U13 players and the U12A will be only U12 boys. The rest of the senior teams U13C, U13D, U12B and U12C play limited over matches during the week. Our juniors are organised on a similar basis, eleven teams who play matches. Five U9 squads, selected on ability, play mini-cricket matches on a Tuesday afternoon.