Cross Country

Cross Country is one of the winter sports offered at Bishops Prep. It is regarded as the purest form of the running sports and is seen by many top athletes and coaches as an excellent platform on which to build a high level of stamina and speed for all athletes, irrespective of their sporting codes. It builds character and mirrors life by the virtue that “What you put into your training and discipline is what you get out of it”

The cross-country team participates in the Southern Zone league, which is an affiliate to the Western Province Athletics organization. The league and the sport in general, over the years, have shown a steady growth in number of participants. We have seen some of our Prep runners successfully qualifying for the Zonal Championships, moving on to qualify for the Western Province Championships and making it to the Western Cape Championships. We also had an opportunity to see one of our runners attaining the qualification to the South African Championships in 2014.

The rule in Cross-Country running is that you never know what you can achieve until you test both your physical and psychological limits. We, therefore, encourage our boys to join this sport and have fun experiencing different terrains with exciting undulations.