There are three main learning areas within the Foundation Phase, namely, Literacy, Numeracy (Mathematics) and Life Skills.

The learning programmes within these three areas are designed by the teachers to provide for the holistic development of the boys.

We endeavour to equip our students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through the acquisition of concepts and skills described within the Learning Outcomes of the three learning areas.


We are very proud of this addition to our school. We have 60 energetic, excited and vibrant little boys who are excited to learn and need a new challenge every day. Our Grade N section is run as an open plan design. This means that all boys have access to all areas throughout the day. Each teacher is responsible for a different area each week and boys move freely between activities, inside and outside as they choose.

The boys are supervised by all our Grade N teachers, although they do gather with their base teacher for morning ring, lunch time and story time at the end of the day. Each Grade N class has 20 boys and a teacher assistant.


Muscle Mania is a programme developed for Grade R’s to develop:

  • Fine motor and pre-writing skills
  • Basic letter formation of lower case letters
  • Number formations
  • Functional fine motor and manipulatory skills required for Grade 1 - including cutting, glueing, folding and colouring