Art at Bishops aims at preparing the boys for a future that requires self-reliance, creativity and problem-solving. We encourage the boys to come up with their own ideas instead of directing them with step by step instructions and recipes.

Boys are encouraged to experiment with the possibilities and limitations of their tools and media as they develop skills in expressing themselves visually. They learn to handle a variety of media including more traditional fine art products as well as craft products. This process of experimentation leads to self-discovery and self-belief through extracting their own creativity from within. As there is no right or wrong in art, the boys learn to value and rely on their own resources, gaining in confidence and individuality. Topics aim to be inspire the boys to draw from their own experiences of life so that their art has integrity, individuality, spontaneity and freshness. Topics are also appropriate to the boys’ developmental phase and are linked to classroom activities and also allow for the informal teaching of the History of Art. Of course, while these underlying educational processes are at work, the boys are aware only that they are having fun and enjoying art!