Computer Skills: Summary

Information and Communication Technologies

(All skills are taught in conjunction with classroom themes and projects.)

Grade 2:

  • Logging on and off;
  • mouse skills;
  • introduction to the keyboard using Typefaster to ensure correct techniques are developed;
  • puzzles and games to develop lateral thinking skills;
  • maths games to re-enforce classroom learning, such as number bonds;
  • games involving reading and comprehension.

Grade 3:

  • Continued keyboard orientation using Typefaster;
  • use of MS Paint for creating graphics;
  • maths puzzles and games;
  • basic Windows orientation;
  • introduction to Microsoft Word;
  • opening, saving and retrieving documents from the school network;
  • using bold, underline, capital letters and different fonts;
  • learning copying, pasting and labelling using text boxes;
  • learning research skills using MS Encarta.

Grade 4:

  • Re-enforcing the above skills;
  • basic desktop publishing using Microsoft Word;
  • introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • setting up of slides and basic presentation;
  • working with graphic images, using cutting and pasting skills;
  • learning basic internet search skills;
  • editing and saving documents;
  • using MS Encarta for research;
  • introduction to basic e-mail.

Grade 5:

  • Keyboard orientation re-enforced - setting out formal letter;
  • creating documents in MS Word using various skills such as text boxes; cutting and pasting; graphic images;
  • use of Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations;
  • learning to use the mind-mapping tool, Inspiration;
  • introduction to spreadsheets using MS Excel
  • learning to use MS Movie Maker in conjunction with Design Tech.

Grade 6:

  • Learning about basic computer terms;
  • learning about computer hardware;
  • discuss Acceptable Use Policy
  • using Microsoft Word as a Desktop Publishing tool;
  • using advanced skills for presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • learning how to create animations in MS PowerPoint;
  • use of mind mapping tools and flow charts;
  • introduction to web page design;
  • introduction to programming;
  • creating graphs in MS Excel

Grade 7:

  • revising computer hardware and software terminology;
  • more advanced research on the Internet;
  • discuss Acceptable Use Policy;
  • presentations using MS PowerPoint;
  • mind mapping and flow charts;
  • learning more advanced use of MS Excel worksheets;
  • setting up of data and creating of graphs;
  • using image editing tools;
  • web page design;
  • creating movies in MS Movie Maker