Arkle, P                            The Railway Cat  +
Ball, D                              Selby Spacedog  +
Base, G                            The Waterhole  +
Bedard, M                        Sitting Ducks
Blade, A                           Beast Quest  ++
Blake, Q                           Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave  +
Blyton, E                          Faraway Tree  ++
Brett, J                             The Mitten  +
Broad, M                         Otter Chaos +
Burmingham, J              Trubloff
Carpenter, H                   Mr Majeika  ++
Child, L                            What Planet are you from, Clarice Bean?
Childs, R                         Great Shot!  ++
Cliff, A                              Superpowers series
Cooper, C                       Tramp Facing the Flames  +
Cope, A                           Spy Dog; Spy Pups  ++
Coplans, P                     Frightened Fred
Dahl, R                           The Enormous Crocodile  ++
Dale, J                             Puppy Patrol Series  ++
Daly, N                             The Herd Boy  +
Daniels, L                       Animal Ark Series  ++
Deary, T                           The Horrible Histories
Dewan, T                        Crispin – The Pig Who Had It All
Dixon, F W                      The Hardy Boys
Donaldson, J                 The Gruffalo  +
Fine, A                             The Return of the Killer Cat  +
French, J                         Pete the Sheep
Gaarder, J                       Hello? Is Anybody There?
Haswell, P                      The Megamogs
Herriott, J                        The Christmas Day Kitten  +
Hooper, M                       Spook Spotting
King-Smith, D                George Speaks  ++
Kitamura, S                    Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing
Long, J                            A Cat Called Scratch  ++
McCall-Smith, A            Akimbo series +
McKay, H                        The Pudding Bag School Series
Meddaugh, S                 Martha Walks the Dog
Meserve, A                      Smog the City Dog
Morpurgo, M                   Tom’s Sausage Lion  ++
Nimmo, J                         Ronnie and the Giant Millipede  +
Palmer, T                         Football Academy
Patten, B                          Beowulf and the Monster
Paul, K                              Professor Puffendorf’s Secret Potions
Paulsen, G                      Skydive!  +
Rai, B                                Soccer Squad  +
Rodgers, F                       Robodog  +
Sachar, L                          Marvin Redpost ++
Savage, D                        The Hout Bay Stowaways
Scotton, R                        Russell the Sheep
Seuss, Dr                        The Cat in the Hat  +
Sheldon, D                      The Whales’ Song
Simon, F                          Spider School  +
Singer Hunt, E                Secret Agent Jack Stalwart  ++
Smith, A                           Claude  +
Stanton, A                        Mr Gum  ++
Strong, J                          There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath  ++
Terry, M                            Captain Wag the Pirate Dog
Thomas, V                       Winnie the Witch  ++
Tomlinson J                    The Owl that was Afraid of the Dark
Wilde, O                           The Selfish Giant
Wildsmith, B                    A Christmas Story  +
Wilkinson, T                    Hector the Rat
Williams, M                     The Velveteen Rabbit
Willis, J                            Susan Laughs
Wojciechowski, S          The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

These books are proving popular at the moment.  Not destined to become literary classics but good for now: ZAC Power (Larry), Space Scouts (Badger), Andy Roid (Arena) and Pet Sitter (Sykes).  All series.

Compiled by Sue Kieswetter
Bishops Prep