+  Other books by the same author available in the library

Ahlberg, J & A    It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Babbitt, N             Tuck Everlasting
Ball, D                   Selby Series  +
Banks, L              The Indian in the Cupboard  ++
Beake, L              The Strollers
Beardsley, M      Sir Gadabout Goes Overboard  +
Berry, N                Houdini’s Adventure
Blade, A                Beast Quest  ++
Blume, J              Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing  +
Blyton, E               Famous Five; Secret Seven  ++
Bone, I                  Winning Back Dad
Burnett, F H         The Secret Garden
Byars, B               The Midnight Fox +
Byng, G                 Molly Moon  ++
Carpenter, H       Mr Majeika  ++
Cattell, B              Glory Gardens Series
Cheshire, S         Dirty Rotten Tricks
Child, L                 Clarice Bean
Childs, R              The Big Win  ++
Clements, A        Frindle
Cliff, A                  Superpowers  ++
Coleman, M        Net Bandits  +
Colfer, E              The Legend of Spud Murphy
Cooper, C           Tramp Trapped on the Tracks  +
Cope, A               Spy Dog; Spy Pups  ++
Corder, Z            Lionboy  +
Cowell, C            How to Speak Dragonese  ++
Creech, S           Love that Dog
Cross, G             The Demon Headmaster  +
Dahl, R                Danny the Champion of the World  ++
Dale, J                 Puppy Patrol Series  ++
Daniels, L           Animal Ark Series  ++
De Jong, M        The House of Sixty Fathers
Deary, T             The Horrible Histories  ++
DiCamillo, K      The Tale of Despereaux  +
DiTerlizzi, T       The Spiderwick Chronicles  +
Dixon, F W         Hardy Boys Series  ++
Eldridge, J         Warpath Series  +
Fine, A                The Diary of a Killer Cat  +
Forrestal, E       Winning
Funke, C            The Thief Lord  +
Gaarder, J        Hello is Anybody There?
Gleitzman, M   Toad Rage  ++
Gregorowski, C  Fly Eagle Fly
Heale, J              The Tokoloshe Stone
Higson, C           Silverfin  +
Hill, D                  See ya, Simon
Hinton, N            Beaver Towers
Hoeye, M           Time Stops for No Mouse  +
Horowitz, A       Alex Rider Series  ++
Hunter, E            Warrior Cats Series  ++
Ibbotson, E        The Beasts of Clawstone Castle
Jennings, P       Unreal  ++
Johnson, P        Mind Reader
Kemp, G             The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler  +
King Smith, D    Harry’s Mad  ++
Kinney, J            Diary of a Wimpy Kid  ++
Laird, E               Wild Thing Series  +
Landy, D             Skulduggery Pleasant  +
Lewis, C S         The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  ++
Llewellyn, S       Wonderdog
London, J           The Call of the Wild
Lofting, H            Dr Doolittle
MacDonald, A    Mark’s Dream Team
Mahy, M              The Great Piratical Rumbustification
Matson, N           The Boy Trap
McBratney, S    Jimmy Zest  +
McKay, H            Pudding Bag School  +
McNamee, G      Nothing Wrong with a Three-legged Dog
McNish, C           Doomspell Trilogy
Morpurgo, M      Cool  ++
Naidoo, B            Journey to Joburg
Naylor, P R         Shiloh  +
Nesbit, E             Five Children and It
Nimmo, J           Tom and the Pterosaur  +
Norris, B             Bernard’s Watch
O’ Brien, R          Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
Parish, P            The Key to the Treasure
Park, L                A Single Shard
Patterson, J      Middle School  +
Paulsen, G         Hatchet  ++
Pearce, p           A Dog so Small
Poland, M           Marcus and the Boxing Gloves  +
Price, W             Adventure Series  ++
Pullman, P         The Scarecrow and his Servant
Rees, G               Cosmo and the Magic Sneeze
Ridley, P              Krindlekrax  +
Riordan, R           Percy Jackson Series  +
Rix, J                   Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids
Roberts, K          The Seven Fabulous  Wonders Series  +
Robson, J           Mellow Yellow
Rockwell, T        How to Eat Fried Worms
Rowling, J K       Harry Potter Series
Ryan, C                Alpha Force Series  +
Sachar, L            Marvin Redpost  ++
Selden, G            The Cricket in Times Square
Serrallier, I         The Silver Sword
Seuss, Dr            Horton Hatches the Egg +
Singer, L             Fred at your Service, Ma’am
Small, C              Charlie Small Series
Snicket, L           A Series of Unfortunate Events  ++
Stanton, A          Mr Gum Series
Stewart, P          Edge Chronicles  ++
Strong, J            The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog  ++
Swindells, R      The Ice Palace  +
Umansky, K       Prince Dandypants and the Masked Avenger
Walliams, D       Billionnaire Boy  ++
White, E B          Charlotte’s Web
Whybrow, I        Little Wolf’s Diary of Daring Deeds  +
Wilkinson, T      Hector the Rat
Wilson, D           Beside the Sea with Jeremy James  +
Wilson, J          Cliffhanger  +


Compiled by Sue Kieswetter
Bishops Prep