+ Other books by the same author available in library

Abalos, R                         Grimpow
Adams, R                         Watership Down
Almond, D                        Skellig
Aronson, L                       Rude Health
Babitt, N                           Tuck Everlasting
Banks, L                           Broken Bridge  ++
Beake, L                           A Cageful of Butterflies
Birch, B                             Rift
Blacker, T                         Boy 2 Girl +
Blackman, M                   Hacker  ++
Booth, M                           War Dog  +
Boyce, F                            Millions +
Boyne, J                           The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Bradford, C                      Young Samurai  ++
Briner, K H                       Cassandra’s Quest
Byars, B                            The Eighteenth Emergency  +
Byng, G                             Molly Moon  ++
Campling, A                     And the Stars were Gold
Canavan, T                       The Black Magician Trilogy
Choldenko, G                   Al Capone Does My Shirts
Clements, A                     Frindle
Clement-Davis, D           Fire Bringer
Coleman, M                     The Snog Log  +
Colfer, E                           Artemis Fowl  ++
Cooper, S                         Dark is Rising
Corder, Z                          Lion Boy +
Cormier, R                       In the Middle of the Night  +
Courtney, B                      The Power of One
Craig, J                             Jimmy Coates
Creech, S                         Walk Two Moons
Cross, G                          Calling a Dead Man
Crossley-Holland, K      The Seeing Stone  +
Cunxin, L                          Mao’s Last Dancer
Dahl, R                             Boy/Going Solo  ++
Deary, T                            Fire Thief, Horrible Histories  ++
De Jong, M                      The House of Sixty Fathers
DiCamillo, K                    Because of Winn Dixie
DiTerlizzi                          Spiderwick Chronicles  +
Durrell, G                         My Family and Other Animals  +
Eddings, D                      Pawn of Prophecy  +
Eldridge, J                       Warpath Series  +
Ellis, D                             The Breadwinner  +
Falkner, B                        The Real Thing
Feist, R E                         The Magician  +
Fine, A                               Flour Babies
Flanagan, J                     The Ranger’s Apprentice  ++
Frank, A                            The Diary of Anne Frank
Franklin, K                        Lone Wolf
Funke, C                           The Thief Lord +
Galico, P                           The Snow Goose  +
Gantos, J                          What Would Joey Do?
Gavin, J                             Coram Boy
George, J                         Julie of the Wolves
Gibbons, A                       Playing with Fire
Gilman, D                        The Devil’s Breath
Gleitzman, M                    Misery Guts  ++
Grant, K M                         Blood Red Horse  +
Grant, M                            Gone; Hunger; Lies  +
Grindley, S                        Feather Wars
Grisham, J                       Theodore Boone
Gross, P                           The Lastling
Grylls, B                            Mud, Sweat and Tears  +
Haddon, M                       The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-time
Hautzig, E                        The Endless Steppe
Hawking, L and S           George’s Secret Key to the Universe
Herriott, J                          Let Sleeping Vets Lie  +
Hiassen, C                       Hoot
Higgins, F E                     The Black Book of Secrets
Higson, C                         Silverfin  +
Hill, D                                 Child in Darkness
Hoeye, M                           Time Stops for No Mouse  +
Hofmeyr, D                        Eye of the Moon
Hoffman, M                       The Stravaganza Series
Holm, A                              I am David
Horowitz, A                        Stormbreaker  ++
Hunter, E                           The Warrior Cats Series +
Hutton, S                            Special Agents series
Ibbotson, E                        Journey to the River Sea  +
Jacques, B                        Redwall Series  ++
Jarvis, R                             The Deptford Mice  +
Johnson, P                        Mind Reader  +
Kemp, G                             The Wacky World of Wesley Baker
Kerr, J                                 When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Kilworth, G                         The Welkin Weasel Trilogy  +
Konigsburg, E L               The View from Saturday
Laird, E                               Jake’s Tower  +
Landy, D                             Skulduggery Pleasant  +
Lawrence, I                        Lord of the Nutcracker Men  +
Le Guin, U                          A Wizard of Earthsea
Lee, H                                 To Kill a Mocking Bird
Lewis, C S                          Narnia Series  +
Lewis, R                             The Killing Sea
Line, D                                Run for Your Life
Magorian, M                       Good Night, Mr Tom
Mandela, N                        Long Walk to Freedom (abridged)
MacHale, D J                    The Pendragon Series
Malley, G                            The Declaration
Marsden, J                        Tomorrow When the War Began ++
Masefield, J                      Jim Davis
McCaughrean, G             The Kite Rider
McNamee, G                    Nothing Wrong with a Three-legged Dog
McNish, C                         The Doomspell Trilogy
Michael, L                         Sky Wolves
Morphew, C                      The Phoenix Files
Morpurgo, M                     Private Peaceful  ++
Mowll, J                             Operation Red Jericho  +
Muchamore, R                The Cherub Series  ++
Mulligan, A                       Trash
Naidoo, B                         Journey to Jo’burg  +
Nicholson, W                   The Wind on Fire Series  +
Nimmo, J                         Children of the Red King Series  ++
Nix, G                                Mister Monday  ++
Norris, A                           Aquila
Oppel, K                           Silverwing  +
Palacio, R                        Wonder
Paolini, C                         Eragon  +
Park, L                              A Single Shard
Paterson, K                     Bridge to Terabithia
Paulsen, G                      Ice Race  ++
Paver, M                           Chronicles of Ancient Darkness +
Peet, M                             Keeper
Pennac, D                       Eye of the Wolf
Prachett, T                      The Amazing Maurice  ++
Price, W                           Adventure Series  ++
Pullman, P                      The Dark Materials Trilogy  +
Pyron, B                           The Dogs of Winter
Reeve, P                          Mortal Engines  +
Reilly, M                           Hover Car Racer
Rhue, M                           The Wave
Riordan, J                        Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief +
Roberts, K                       The Seven Fabulous Wonders Series  +
Robson, J                        Don’t Panic Mechanic  +
Russell, C                       Brind and the Dogs of War
Ryan, C                            Alpha Force Series ++
Sachar, L                         Holes  +
Sage, A                            Septimus Heap Trilogy  ++
Said, S                             Varjak Paw +
Scarrow, A                       Time Riders +
Serraillier, I                     The Silver Sword
Shan, D                           Cirque Du Freak  ++
Shearer, A                       The Great Switcheroonie  ++
Singer, N                         Feather Boy
Skelton, M                       Endymion Spring
Slingsby, P                      Leopard Boy  +
Snicket, L                        The Series of Unfortunate Events  +
Spinelli, J                        The Library Card
Stewart, P & Riddel, C     The Edge Chronicles  +
Stroud, J                          Bartimaeus Trilogy  +
Sutcliff, R                         The Eagle of the Ninth
Swindells, R                   Blitzed  +
Thompson, K                 The New Policeman
Tolkien, J R R                The Hobbit  +
Townsend, S                  The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole  +
Twain, M                          The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Van der Ruit, J                Spud +
Warren,A                          Surviving Hitler
Weis, M & Hickman, T   DragonLance Chronicles  +
Westall, R                        The Machine Gunners  ++
Wilson, J                          Vicky Angel  +
Wynne-Jones, D            The Merlin Conspiracy
Yen May, A                       Chinese Cinderella
Zephaniah, B                  Refugee Boy


Compiled by Sue Kieswetter
Bishops Prep