Van der Bijl Boarding House

Van der Bijl House was established in 1984 after the school executive decided to rename Birt House (established in 1960) after Pieter van der Bijl. Van der Bijl attended Bshops and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar. He came to Bishops Prep in 1934 played cricket for South Africa, left to serve in the war and later returned to the Prep, becoming Senior Master in 1950. He is regarded as one of the quintessential Bishops Prep School Masters.

Housemaster: Mr Thami Siko

Assistant Housemaster: Ms Laurelle Fry

Colour: Blue

Motto: Festina lente (Make haste slowly) This motto is best personified by Sir Matthew Hale who was naturally a quick man; yet, by much practice, he subdued that to such a degree, that he would never run suddenly into any conclusion concerning any matter of importance – he had observed many witty men run into great errors, because they did not give themselves time to think.

Mascot: The Majestic Stag In many cultures, a deer is a symbol of spiritual authority. During a deer’s life the antlers fall off and grow again, therefore, the animal is also a symbol of regeneration. In the Christian imagibnation, a deer is also a symbol of piety, devotion and of God taking care of his children.