Afrikaans (2nd language)

The ability to communicate is at the core of human development and forms the basis of continual learning. Afrikaans is a compulsory subject up to the end of Grade 12 (Matric). Within the Prep it is our aim to equip the students with Afrikaans as an effective tool for communication.

We concentrate on five main skills - listening, reading, comprehending, writing and speaking. It is also our aim to make the learning of Afrikaans as enjoyable and intellectually stimulating as possible. By the time a student leaves Grade 7 he should have a sound basis for further extension at high school level. Students are evaluated on an ongoing basis within each grade. Students are encouraged to do as much extra reading as possible, for their own enjoyment and development, and they are encouraged to make use of the school and municipal libraries. On a broad basis, we strive to develop an effective vocabulary within the students, in the hope that they will aim to use it confidently in oral and written work. We encourage the use of spoken Afrikaans in classes and also teach in the language as much as is practically possible.