Literacy focuses on language acquisition and the development of communication in the Home Language and a First Additional Language. English is the language of instruction at Bishops although it is not every boy’s ‘Home Language’ - support is given to students where required. Afrikaans is introduced informally six months into Grade 1 and then more formally in Grade 2 where the phonics and vocabulary are taught together with the introduction of reading. Xhosa is incidentally taught from Grade R through the medium of songs and simple phrases.

Reading is taught from Grade R to Grade 2 using the Shortland Reading Programme combined with Letterland, the Ginn Reading Series and other readers. We have a vast range of suitable readers for our Independent Reading Scheme as well as a Reading Laboratory, which is widely used by our more advanced readers. We have the fulltime services of a Reading Assistant, who is a qualified teacher. She assists boys daily, mostly in Grade 1 and 2; however, natural readers in Grade R are also given support.

Our outcomes for this learning area include the following:

  • listening for information and enjoyment where students are encouraged to respond appropriately and critically in a wide range of situations
  • speaking confidently and effectively
  • reading and viewing different texts
  • writing different kinds of texts which might be factual or imaginative for different purposes
  • thinking and reasoning
  • acquiring the structure of language using sounds, words and grammar